“Isn’t this a preparation (process) for the Korean Series?”

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho laughed as he said this. If Moon Dong-ju, 20, the “160-kilometer express prospect,토토사이트” declares himself out for the season after the Jamsil LG game next month, Choi vowed that he would thoroughly manage his physical condition and send him to the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team.

Choi Won-ho also expressed his personal view that it is important to get a medical opinion, but in the end, he accepted the club’s policy of limiting Moon to 120 innings. Moon had pitched 109⅓ innings against KT on the 18th. He will finish his second year with Gwangju Hanwha on the 27th and Jamsil LG Electronics on the 2nd of next month. At six innings each, that’s just over 120 innings.

In any case, Hanwha decided to actively protect the prospect, who had a lot of nagging injuries last year in his first year. It’s also his first time in a long-distance race, so it’s safe to say that he’ll be knocking on stone bridges. However, Moon will join the national baseball team, which is scheduled to convene on March 22, and participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which will begin early next month.

Moon Dong-joo/My Daily

Hanwha plans to send Moon Dong-ju to the Asian Games with a strong physical condition. “If he makes his last appearance next Saturday, he’ll have about three weeks,” Choi Won-ho said ahead of the 25th game against KIA in Gwangju. “The first week he’ll recover, the next week he’ll play some catch, and after that he’ll have to pitch two or three times.”

While the team’s schedule has not been released, Choi expects the team to spend about a week training and playing scrimmages before traveling to Hangzhou. The team is in the middle of the season, so they are ready to go.

Moon Dong-joo/My Daily

“We have three to four weeks before we leave, and the national team will play a practice game. We’ll throw two or three innings and then go to Hangzhou.” He laughed and said, “Isn’t that preparation for the Korean Series?” He said that the pitchers of the teams that went straight to the Korean Series followed this pattern, and he recalled his own experience. In fact, the teams that go directly to the Korean Series have about three weeks to prepare.

“I think Dong-ju will probably be in the best shape to go,” Choi said, “because the other pitchers will be playing games right up until the call-up. If Choi’s plan works out, it will be a welcome relief for the national team, which has been plagued by various bad news.

Moon Dong-joo/My Daily

In fact, if Hanwha hadn’t set Moon’s innings limit, he wouldn’t have suddenly had three or four weeks to prepare for the big game in September. Hanwha’s plan is to manage its key prospects more thoroughly to ensure they are ready for the national team.

Moon Dong-joo/MyDaily

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