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The South Korean women’s national baseball team was tied 1-1 with world No. 2 Chinese Taipei in the third inning of the 2023 Asian Cup (BFA) in Hong Kong on March 31. But in the bottom of the third inning, a series of defensive errors led to a big inning. Soon, the score was 1-5. This resulted in the loss of the starting ace. In the end, the team fell to 5-15.

After not committing a single error against world No. 1 Japan, the women’s baseball team made a series of errors against Chinese Taipei. That’s because it was an unfamiliar “night” game. The Chinese Taipei team, on the other hand, had played one night game the day before.

After the game, the players said, “We weren’t used to playing at night. We haven’t trained much at night. I couldn’t even see the catcher’s sign. We’ll have to play a lot of night games in Canada to prevent this from happening.”

The South Korean women’s national baseball team is coming off a third-place finish at the Asian Cup and will begin qualifying for the World Baseball Classic (WBSC) in early August in Thunder Bay, Canada. According to the WBSC’s Group A schedule, which was announced on Aug. 22, the team will play host Canada in the evening.

The team is in Group A alongside Hong Kong, the United States, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. The team will play five games in five days, starting on Aug. 8 (local time) against Hong Kong. It’s a tough schedule.

“Our goal is to go 3-2 in the World Baseball Classic qualifiers and start the fire for the main event,” said Yang Sang-moon, the national team’s head coach. Stamina will be key, and night games will be a factor.

Canada (3rd), USA (4th), Australia (8th), South Korea (10th), Hong Kong (11th), and Mexico (12th) are the top five teams in Group A of the Women’s Baseball World Rankings. The most realistic scenario is to beat Mexico and Australia, assuming you can get past Hong Kong.

But they can’t completely write off Canada. “Even if we lose, we can’t afford to lose a cold game,” Yang said. “Even if we lose, we can’t afford to lose a cold game,” Yang said.

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