The K-League 1 is suffering from measles due to consecutive decision disputes. The aftermath is strong, such as a misjudgment that occurred during the confrontation between FC Seoul and Gangwon FC, spreading to ‘mistrust in judgment’ in the weekend game.

The Jeonbuk Hyundai team strongly protested and expressed their dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision throughout the game against Gangwon at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 29th. The team’s appeal reached its climax at the end of the game. In the second half of extra time, Hyun-Jun Yang (Gangwon) scored a dramatic winning goal after winning a contest with Gun-Woong Kim (Jeonbuk). After a fierce protest, Hong Jeong-ho and Kim Moon-hwan (above Jeonbuk) were sent off, and after the game ended with Gangwon’s 1-0 victory, a Jeonbuk fan broke into the stadium.

In fact,메이저사이트 the controversial scene on this day can have several interpretations. On the relay screen taken from a different angle, Kim Gun-woong was captured falling without any other struggle. Nevertheless, the appearance of the Jeonbuk team disobeying the referee’s decision several times seems to be a symbolic scene showing the current status of the K-League 1 referees.

The reason goes back to three days ago. On the 26th, the K-League 1 match between Seoul and Gangwon was decided by mistake. Palošević (Seoul) scored a dramatic equalizer in Seoul’s final attack, which was losing 2-3 during extra time in the second half, but the referee blew his whistle, pointing out Kim Jin-ya’s (Seoul) foul. It was judged that Kim Jin-ya grabbed Seo Min-woo (Kangwon) with his hand and knocked him over.

The video review (VAR) for the foul situation was also not done. Situations where VAR can be used are limited to the △scoring scene △whether a penalty kick is declared or not △decision to send off, etc. At that time, the referee’s whistle was blown before the scoring scene, so VAR conditions were not met. In the end, Palošević’s goal was disallowed, and Seoul ended up losing 2-3.

However, the scene of Seo Min-woo tripping on his teammate’s leg was captured on the relay screen. The referee committee of the Korea Football Association unanimously judged this scene the next day to be a false referee. From Seoul’s point of view, it was unfair that ‘1 victory point’ was stolen. Because of this, the referee at the time was excluded from the weekend game, and additional measures are expected to be decided in the first week of next month.

The problem is that despite the miscarriage, the damaged club cannot be saved. Since fierce situations in which the fate of the club is divided by one point often occur, players and fans have no choice but to react sensitively to each decision. Last year, Gangwon and Suwon FC were classified as Final A and Final B, respectively, with a difference of one point. In addition, the difference between remaining in the first division in 2021 and going to the promotion playoffs was one point. This means that one decision at the beginning of the season can act as an important variable at the end of the league. In this regard, the Korea Football Association refereeing committee is also voicing that it is necessary to come up with alternative measures, such as remedies for the damaged clubs, rather than just concluding that it was a misjudgment.

Regarding the judgment dispute between Jeonbuk and Gangwon matches, a soccer commentator said, “It is natural in a way that players and fans who witnessed the ‘major miscarriage’ react sensitively to the judgment.” There is a sense of distrust in the league judgement,” he explained. Another soccer commentator emphasized, “In all sports games, misjudgments or unreasonable judgments can come out,” but “on the contrary, that’s why (the Association and the Korea Professional Football Federation) must prepare clear and effective guidelines to restore trust.” did.

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