Newcastle United is trying to make sure that Bruno Guimaraes is treated as an ace.

England’s ‘Curt Offside’ said, “Guimaraes has been in Newcastle for less than two years, but he is in the process of becoming a club legend. Guimaraes, who joined Newcastle from Olympique Lyonnais early last year, has become the most important player at Newcastle. He, like captain Kieran Trippier, is a key player for manager Eddie Howe. Newcastle are preparing to offer Guimaraes £200,000 a week (about 323 million won).”메이저놀이터

Guimaraes is the center of the build-up in Newcastle’s midfield. He has a wide field of vision, and it is evaluated that his kicking ability and judgment are good. He was also good at controlling the ball and was able to survive in the English Premier League (EPL), where the intensity of pressure was high. Newcastle’s performance improved dramatically after Guimaraes joined. Guimaraes’ record is 10 goals and 6 assists, and besides the stats, the impact on the game is huge. It is Newcastle who has seen the effect of the recruitment properly.

Guimaraes is now in his second season at Newcastle. He joined in the winter transfer market last season, so it’s a season and a half to be exact. He hasn’t spent much time in the team yet, but the reason Newcastle are promising Guimaraes a huge wage in his second year at the club is to keep him. As explained earlier, Gimarangis has been playing well since joining Newcastle and leaping into Newcastle’s core resource. Guimaraes also played a big role in helping Newcastle finish this season in 4th place and qualify for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season.

Naturally, it caught the attention of many teams. As several teams show interest in Guimaraes’ performance, Newcastle are trying to renew the contract with Guimaraes to block interest from other clubs.

‘Curt Offside’ said, “As Guimaraes put on a great performance, interest in Guimaraes began to grow. Currently, there are rumors that Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, and Liverpool want Guimaraes.” Explained.

The outlook is positive. The media said, “Guimaraes has not yet signed a renewal contract, but it is believed that negotiations have progressed to the point where an agreement is not too far away.”

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