Heungkuk Life Insurance was the only one who exercised the right of priority and chose to accompany Yelena.

In Istanbul,토스카지노 Turkey, where the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) women’s tryout is held, Heungkuk Life Insurance officially notified KOVO of the ‘priority nomination’ event after conducting practice matches and interviews on the 12th.

The final notification was made 20 minutes before the deadline of 6:00 pm (midnight in Korean time). However, the renewal of the contract with Yelena had already been decided. Yelena, seated in the lobby, smiled with a relaxed expression. The previous day, she spent leisurely, watching the final match between Fenerbahce and Framed Shivasi against Katarina (former Korea Expressway Corporation). On the 13th, he will also appear at the draft site with a bright expression.

Coach Abondanza, whom I met right after using the priority pick, said, “Yelena is a player who can achieve great growth in the future. And she is also a player I can develop. Also, it was regrettable that I did not win last season with a reverse sweep. At that time, as a member The desire to win also played a part,” he explained the background of the renewal of the contract.

When asked if there were any players he liked during the tryout, coach Abondanza said, “It is true that there were some good players. The decision was not difficult because I knew the level and history of the players.” At the same time, he said, “I was not sure about the order because there were few marbles.”

I was curious about Heungkuk Life Insurance, which would change now. When asked what kind of volleyball he would like to try off-season to coach Abondanza, he said, “I’m trying to introduce my style technically. Last season, it was difficult to execute it because I had to play on a three-day term after taking office.”

He said, “For big progress, we need 3 experienced players. We also want to develop 5 young players. We expect to improve our performance through this.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance succeeded in capturing free agent (free agent) Kim Yeon-kyung, and filled a gap by recruiting middle blocker Kim Su-ji in the FA market. In terms of height, it became more powerful. In addition, outside heater Reina Tokoku (Japan/177cm) was reinforced in the Asian Quarter to further solidify the power. Rather than a special adventure, it is more important to maximize the power of the new season by reinforcing Kim Su-ji and Reina to the existing power.

Director Abondanza has also been able to prepare for the new season in earnest by accompanying Yelena. How much Yelena will grow has also become a checkpoint.

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