This is the order of news from the KIA Tigers Arizona spring camp.

Last season, KIA, which strengthened its strength by recruiting players extensively, left some regrets in operating foreign players called ‘half of its strength’.

Ahead of this season, we have a new foreign player lineup with a super strong replacement of all foreign pitching staff.

Reporter Kim Jae-hyun introduces the upgraded KIA’s new foreign players.

KIA’s foreign player메이저사이트 performance last season was not enough to be seen as ‘half-success’.

Socrates, a foreign hitter, performed his best with a batting average of 0.311 for the season and 160 hits, but the pitchers were a problem.

Both Nolin and Ronnie, who joined before the season, were soon out of power due to injuries, and Ronnie was eventually released without even completing the first half.

After the season, KIA did not renew contracts with existing foreign pitchers, but recruited new faces Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina.

Both pitchers are authentic right-handed pitchers who mainly use fastballs of over 150 km/h, and are rated higher than foreign pitchers who played last year.

▶ Sink: Kim Jong-guk / KIA Tigers coach
– “Looking at the way they pitch and throw, the two players are definitely evaluated as good pitchers in terms of pitch, and I’m looking forward to them. I think they’ll throw well.”

Diversity is expected to be added to the KIA starting lineup, which was dominated by lefties last season.

▶ Sink: Adonis Medina / KIA Tigers pitcher
– “I can throw a fastball, sinker, cutter, slider, and changeup, and the pitches I am most confident in are the sinker and slider.”

▶ Sink : Sean Anderson / KIA Tigers Pitcher
– “(To adapt) I am looking for and studying Korean culture, and I am learning Korean every day through my colleagues.”

On the other hand, foreign hitters are sweating hard to reproduce last season’s performance as Socrates, who signed a contract early, joined the spring camp.

Despite a noticeable increase in power last year, KIA left regret in managing foreign players.

▶ Standing: Kim Jae -hyun
– “Ahead of this season, fans’ expectations are rising as they succeeded in securing a big-fishing foreign pitcher early on. This is KBC’s Jae-hyun Kim from Tucson, Arizona, USA.”

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