Park Yabes (187 cm, G) led Jeonju to first place in the group.

Jeonju pulled off a thrilling 89-88 come-from-behind victory over Kyungbok High School on Sunday at the 78th National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship at the Glory Sportium Auxiliary Gymnasium in Jeonnam. With a three-game winning streak, Jeonju finished first in Group C and headed into the finals.

As expected from a matchup of powerhouses, the game was intense. However, it was Park Yabes who ended the match. With Jeonju trailing 86-88 with 15 seconds left in the game, Park’s corner three-pointer dramatically split the rim and the game ended as it did.카지노사이트

After the game, Park Yabes said, “We lost the game against Kyungbokgo before that because we didn’t have enough energy. When we were preparing for this tournament, we decided that we really wanted to win, and I’m very happy that we did,” Park said after the game.

Park added, “(Han) Joo-won gave me a pass, and I just felt it when the shot went up. It was exhilarating,” he said of the buzzer-beater.

Jeon Ju-ju is relatively shorter than Kyung Bok-go, but she won the game with strong defense and a lot of activity. For Park, defense was also a key factor in the victory.

He said, “Our team hasn’t been performing well lately. Since then, we’ve done a lot of preparation, including physical training and defense, and I think our preparation for this game paid off,” he said.

Park has been on a tear, averaging 26.3 points, five rebounds, 5.3 assists and 5.6 steals in three qualifying games. “We will prepare well for the next game. We’re here to win,” he said.

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