Kiwoom Heroes pitcher An Woo-jin had the misfortune of losing despite a good pitch.

Ahn Woo-jin started the game against the NC Dinos at Changwon NC Park on the 7th and recorded 2 hits (1 home run), 12 strikeouts, 1 walk and 1 run in 7 innings. Woojin Ahn suffered the first loss of the season with the team losing 0-2. He recorded 24 strikeouts and 1 run in 13 innings in 2 games of the season, but he is recording 1 loss without a win.

An Woo-jin, who set a new record for the most 스포츠토토strikeouts in a game by recording 12 strikeouts and no runs in 6 innings against the Hanwha Eagles on the 1st, which was the opening game, continued his momentum and displayed 12 strikeouts in 2 consecutive games. Woo-jin Ahn recorded a no-hit and no-run for six innings before hitting a home run by lead batter Park Se-hyeok in the 7th inning.

On this day, Ahn Woo-jin recorded a maximum speed of 158 km per hour with a fastball and showed off pitching that was so refreshing that the slider took a maximum of 147 km. 96 pitches. With 69 strikes and 27 balls, he continued an aggressive fight with a terrifying pitch.

However, there was no scoring support, and a home run hit by Park Se-hyeok caught An Woo-jin’s ankle. Ahn Woo-jin, who had broken his perfect by giving Park Se-hyuk a walk after one out in the bottom of the 4th inning, was hit with a home run by Park Se-hyuk in the bottom of the 7th, and the no-hitter was also canceled. Woo-jin Ahn was also hit by the next hitter, Gun-woo Park, but he erased the runner by killing Ah-seop Son.

After Ahn Woo-jin went down the mound, the score gap widened as second pitcher Kim Tae-hun hit a home run from Oh Young-soo in the bottom of the 8th inning. In the end, An Woo-jin could not escape the defeat and finished the game. In the match against Hanwha on the 1st, after Ahn Woo-jin went down the mound, his teammates, who had failed to maintain a 2-0 lead and lost the victory requirement, failed to help An Woo-jin once again.

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