193cm tall swingman Jeon Ha-im showed the power of height and led the team to victory.

Pyeongtaek Sarang won 75-27 in the match against Bangok High School in the ‘2023 Sejong Yu Youth Club League (i-League, hereinafter referred to as i-League)’ held at the Sejong City Farmers and Fishermen’s Culture and Sports Center on the 3rd. The number one contributor to victory is His Highness. Heim Jeon, who is 193cm tall, showed off his skills above Hansu.먹튀검증

Haim Jeon, who we met after the game, said, “The game was easier than I thought. More powerful teams will come up in the finals, so I will do my best.”

As mentioned earlier, Jeon Haim’s height is 193 cm. At the amateur level, he is overwhelmingly tall. On this day, he showed several plays using his height. He even hit a 3-pointer from the perimeter as well.

“Since he is tall, it is comfortable for rebounding and blocking shots. It’s definitely good to have the advantage of height. I used to prepare for a 3×3 player, so I learned how to play under the net, but it didn’t suit me. Now, I am practicing breaking through and dribbling, so I try to play more like a swingman.” Hee-im’s words.

Pyeongtaek Sarang, who defeated Hwado Samsung 36-30 in the previous game, advanced to the finals with two consecutive wins. If Heim Jeon shows a powerful play like this day, good results are expected.

Jeon Haim said, “I want to win all of them. My teammates are doing so well, so I think I just need to pay more attention to defense. Then I think good results will follow.”

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