In the 2022/23 season, Korean short-track ace Park Ji-won did not hide his greed for the ‘crystal trophy’ given to only one player.

“He can’t wait any longer,” he said, expressing his longing for the trophy.

Park Ji-won crossed the finish line with a record of 2 minutes 17 seconds 200 in the men’s 1500m final of the 2022/23 ISU Short Track World Cup 6th Competition held in Dordrecht, Netherlands on the 11th (local time), defeating 메이저사이트Lee Dong-hyun (Uijeongbu Kwangdong High School, 2 minutes 17 seconds 310). ) and won.

With this, Park Ji-won won the 1500m World Cup 5 times this season, from the 1st competition to the 3rd to 6th competitions. Including three first place finishes in the 1000 m, he swept eight gold medals in the individual event at the World Cup. If the relay is included, the number of gold medals increases to 12.

Park Ji-won, who had already confirmed the first place in the men’s world cup rankings this season in the 5th competition, has accumulated a total of 968 points so far, widening the gap with second place Hong Gyeong-hwan (Goyang City Hall, 634 points).

Starting this season, the ISU decided to award a crystal trophy to the athletes who won the World Cup overall, one male and one female.

Park Ji-won scored 968 points to win the 1500m race that day, beating 2nd place Hong Gyeong-hwan (634 points) and 3rd place Stephen Dubois (624 points) to secure the Crystal Trophy award.

In the short track World Cup, athletes can participate in only one event per day per individual event, and 100 points are given to the winner of each event, so even if Hong Kyung-hwan and Dubois reach the top in the individual event on the 12th, they will not be able to catch up with Park Ji-won.Park Ji-won said in an interview with ISU, “I know that I am one of the best skaters, and I’m happy to show it again today. I can’t wait until tomorrow (the 13th) to ride the Crystal Gloves. One of the goals I have engraved in my heart while preparing for this season is It was one,” he said.

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