10 seconds gone.

On the 8th, the match between Seoul SK 먹튀검증 and Suwon kt was held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium. A controversial situation occurred with 1 minute and 43 seconds left in the game.

With 1.9 seconds left in the attack time limit, Jameel Warney threw the ball long and attempted a shot. The ball bounced off the rim and went to Ha Yoon-gi. However, Ha Yoon-gi missed the ball. After that, SK got the ball and got another chance to attack.

The moment Ha Yoon-gi caught the ball and missed the pass was a fleeting moment. It was a somewhat ambiguous situation, but it was a scene that could be judged to be a 24-second violation first. KT coach Seo Dong-cheol also protested vigorously. However, the referees judged that Ha Yoon-gi had enough control of the ball. In the KBL official record program, it was recorded as Ha Yoon-gi’s mistake and Heo Il-young’s steal.

In the 2022-23 KBL Game Rules, Article 29, 24 seconds, ‘if the ball does not touch the rim, it is a violation. However, if the opponent immediately and clearly gains control of the ball, the buzzer is ignored and play continues.’ The judges made their decision based on this.

It is a scene where we can understand each other’s position. It can be seen as a controversy, but it is a fairly ambiguous moment that may not be.

However, the problem was different. The moment SK got another chance to attack, the attack time limit started at 14 seconds instead of 24 seconds. If Ha Yoon-gi made a mistake after controlling the ball and handed over the right to attack to SK, the attack time limit should be 24 seconds. However, no one was aware of this until Han Hee-won’s kick ball came out with 3.5 seconds left in the attack time limit.

SK ran away with 92-88 after Kim Seon-hyung made a 3-point shot within the 14-second attack time limit that SK gained again. Then Warney’s wedge dunk exploded and he was able to beat kt 94-91.

The match between SK and kt was so intense that the battle continued every moment. It was a game where a single mistake could lead to fatal consequences for the players, but everyone, including the referees and supervisors, should not have lost their concentration.

What would have happened if Han Hee-won’s kick ball didn’t come out? If SK failed to attack for the remaining 3.5 seconds, what could be the compensation for the 10 seconds that disappeared? Why did the supervisor give an attack time limit of 14 seconds instead of 24 seconds? Why didn’t the referees recognize the situation until the attack time limit reached 3.5 seconds?

This is a problem that should not be viewed simply as a supervisor’s mistake. The responsibility of the referees who proceeded with the game as it was without accurately recognizing the situation is also heavy. The match between SK and kt was a great match. The players were providing the best service to the fans who visited the gym with their best performance. I almost blew it all up with one mistake. It is a problem that cannot be laughed off.

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