“I’m trying to hit it as confidently as possible.”

Pepper Savings Bank outside heater Park Kyung-hyun (26) contributed to the team’s 3-1 victory by showing the best performance this season in the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Round 4 match against GS Caltex held at the Gwangju Pepper Stadium on the 23rd. Pepper Savings Bank succeeded in winning their first home win this season that they had been waiting for.

Park Gyeong-hyun played the game of his life this season with 17 points, 48% attack success rate, 58.33% receiving efficiency, and 12 digs. 17 points is the most points scored in an individual game this season, and 48% is the highest attack success rate this season (based on 10 or more attacks).

Lee Kyung-soo, Acting Supervisor of Pepper Savings Bank, also said, “Kyung-Hyun endured well. If Kyunghyun had a lot of trouble, he would have played a difficult game. He praised, saying, “I think he won because he endured well in receiving.”

After the game, Park Kyung-hyun said, “I am so happy to win during the Lunar New Year holiday. I am happy to present victory to the fans.”

Park Kyung-hyun has been doing well lately. He is taking the place of Park Eun-seo, who has a ligament in his left ankle, but he is holding on and holding on and playing an active role.

“It was sluggish at the beginning of this season,” he said. Eunseo is playing in the pool because she is sick. Our team doesn’t have many substitutes, so I think I need to lead the game with the utmost responsibility.” 먹튀검증

Park Kyung-hyun is a draft mate with Kang So-hui. After graduating from Suwon Jeonsan Girls’ High School (currently Hanbom High School), he was nominated by Hyundai Engineering & Construction as the 4th pick in the first round in the 2015 rookie draft. However, he did not find a place at Hyundai E&C. During his three seasons at Hyundai E&C, he only played 5 games and scored 5 points. He did not even play in the 2015-16 and 2017-18 seasons.

Park Gyeong-hyun, who was released as a freelancer in 2018, built a career as a player at Daegu City Hall, and last year, he caught the eye of former manager Kim Hyung-sil and moved over to Pepper Savings Bank, continuing his professional career. In his last season, he played 31 games and scored 242 points, with an offensive success rate of 35.57% and a receiving efficiency of 22.13%.

Park Kyung-hyun said, “The pro system itself is dense. Power is strong. The linking action that takes place inside the court is also different. Having a foreigner is also a big difference from unemployment.”

All volleyball fans know that Park Kyung-hyun plays at his best on the court. However, he has a weakness. just serve The fact that there are many sub rooms is chosen as a problem. He attempted 102 serves all season and committed 25 errors. The serve score is only 1 point. Even against GS Caltex, he attempted 9 serves and committed 5 errors.

Acting manager Lee Kyung-soo said, “There seems to be pressure on the serve. He tells me to relax, but in the end I have to win. Last season he played a spike serve, but recently switched to a floater serve. The guilt continues to come out as if that is not a good fit for you. He is doing research towards fewer crimes,” he said.

Park Kyung-hyun said, “I try to hit as confidently as possible, but in the case of GS Caltex, there were a lot of outs because I was in too good condition. I will do my best to hit you.”

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