The Samsung 2nd Army did not record a single hit for 9 innings in the Futures League. However, ‘no hitter’ was not hit. Because it scored 4 points. He scored 4 runs on 4 balls without a hit. 

The Samsung 2nd team lost a match against the NC 2nd team in the Futures League held at Masan Stadium on the 24th without getting a single hit in 9 innings. However, he did not suffer the humiliation of ‘no-hitter’ by getting 10 four balls and scoring 4 points. 스포츠토토

The Samsung 2nd Army started this day with Lee Seong-gyu, Kim Dong-jin, Yang Woo-hyeon, Kim Ho-jae, Oh Hyun-seok, Kim Sang-min, Jo Min-seong, Ryu Seung-min, and Lee Byung-hun. 

The Samsung lineup suffered 11 strikeouts up to the 5th inning against NC starter Shin Young-woo. After one out in the first inning, Kim Dong-jin reached base with a sand dune, but the inning ended with a strikeout and an infield grounder. After one death in the second inning, Kim Min-seong walked on base and succeeded in stealing second base, but two subsequent batters struck out in a row. He struck out 6 batters in a row, including KKK in the 3rd inning and lead batter Yang Woo-hyun in the 4th inning. 

Samsung had a chance to run 1st and 2nd with 2 walks in the 4th inning, but the runner on 2nd was out as a check. In the 5th inning, lead batter Jo Min-seong went on base with a strikeout, but he dedicated three strikeouts in one inning with a strikeout-floating ball-strikeout. 

In the 6th episode, he was forced to commit a three-way crime, and in the 7th episode, he was KKK by NC Lee Hyun-woo. After one out in the 8th inning, Seo Joo-won went on base due to a catch error by the second baseman, and Lee Seong-gyu struck out.

NC pitcher Choi Si-hyuk, who was leading 10-0, suddenly wavered at the 2nd and 1st base. Kim Dong-jin walked straight and Yang Woo-hyeon walked 5th pitch, and the bases were loaded.

Samsung scored 1 point with Kim Ho-jae’s 4th ball push-off walk in the 2nd base loaded game. scored with no hits. Oh Hyun-seok added 1 point with a ball that fit his body. Kim Sang-min scored 4 points with a push walk and Kim Jae-sang also had a push walk.  

NC did not let Choi Si-hyuk go any longer and replaced it, and Song Myeong-ki came up as a relief pitcher and struck out Kim Min-ho to end the inning. Song Myeong-gi finished with strikeout-grounder-strikeout in the 9th inning, and the NC pitching staff did not allow a single hit until the 9th inning. Samsung scored 0 hits, 8 walks, 2 walks and 4 runs. 

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