San Diego also has a problem with Jake Cronenwirth, who hasn’t shown much of an advantage in hitting production since moving to first base. First base is an offensive position, and Cronenweth is not a typical first base style player. Cronenwirth is also better suited to second base, but that position overlaps with that of Kim Ha-Sung-Botts.토토사이트

The Athletic suggested that it might be better to keep Kim and trade Cronenweth. However, “Like Kim, Kronenwirth is a player who is loved by his teammates and coaches, and he signed a seven-year, $78 million contract three months ago. I don’t think it’s going to be easy to find a trade that subsidises part of that contract,” he said. It’s not easy for San Diego to move a player who signed a seven-year deal three months ago, and it’s a bit of a ego-bruiser for the boardroom.

Kim Ha-seong (27, San Diego) was not invited to the All-Star Game. The American media is also not convinced by Kim’s omission from the All-Star game.

The US publication ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 3rd (KST), “Only pitcher Josh Hader and outfielder Juan Soto were selected as All-Stars from San Diego. Kim was almost ignored, along with Fernando Tatis Jr.” It also listed the numbers that prove Kim’s all-star performance. “He outperformed every San Diego Padres player except Soto and Tatis,” the outlet wrote. His 2.7 WAR ranks 11th among National League hitters, according to FanGraphs. Xander Bogaerts and Manny Machado, who signed for a combined $630 million, have a combined WAR of 2.6. Most of Kim’s value has come from his defence.” “The offence is also encouraging. Coming from the KBO, he has made an impressive adjustment to major league fastballs.” He also noted Kim’s growth on offence. After hitting just .150 on fastballs over 95 mph (152.9 km/h) last year, Kim is batting .316 with a .553 on-base percentage this season.

“Trading him this month (at the trade deadline) or in the offseason would not go over well in the clubhouse or with fans,” The Athletic concluded in discussing his performance and value. In other words, he’s irreplaceable for San Diego.

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