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LeSean McCoy, Running Back
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Notes on LeSean McCoy
McCoy only played two seasons at Pitt. He was extremely productive. He ran for 2,816 yards and 35 touchdowns. He caught 65 passes. Had a stretch where he ran for 142 or more yards in 5 straight games in 2008. McCoy reminds me a bit of Charlie Garner from a size and ability standpoint. McCoy can be incredibly elusive. He has good vision. He's deceptively strong for a guy that isn't all that big. You don't get into the end zone 35 times in two years without being able to lower your shoulder and run hard when it's needed. He has excellent burst. The most impressive thing to me is his ability to maneuver. That sounds strange, but I don't know how else to put it. He starts through a hole then twists and bends his body to fit through spaces and around defenders. McCoy's very dangerous on screen passes. McCoy is elusive out in space. He also has great vision. That helps on runs and screens. He sees the field in slow-motion and simply has a knack for knowing where to go and how to get there.

At his best McCoy is a N-S runner with excellent cutting ability and speed/quickness. That allows him to be creative when it is needed. One problem he has is that McCoy has a bit of Reggie Bush in him that comes out at times. He will try to turn too many plays into homeruns. You don't want that. Run for 4, hope for more...as the old saying goes. One habit that McCoy must address is the way he swings the ball when he runs. He gets it away from his body. He fumbled once in the Iowa game. NFL tacklers will attack the ball in a way he's never seen.

LeSean should be a solid part of the passing game. He caught 65 passes. I have mostly seen him used on screens, but he looks to have very good hands. He's natural at catching the ball. McCoy benefited from playing in a pro style offense and having blocking responsibilities for 2 years. He isn't a great blocker to be sure, but shows an understanding of what to do. His effort is good as well. He should be very coachable in this area.

In an era of NFL teams using multiple runners I think McCoy could be a very good pro. My key concerns with him involve off-field stuff. He was never seriously challenged for playing time at Pitt. Can he handle an NFL environment where being a HS and college star doesn't mean squat? The process of him coming out made it appear that he was torn between doing what he wanted and what his family wanted. Are there any issues in this area? Making it in the NFL is tough enough on a good day, but if your family is meddlesome that can be tough to handle. I don't know that McCoy has any problems in these areas, but they are things to be checked out.