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Geoff Pope, Cornerback
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Matt's Notes on Geoff Pope

Tommy's Notes on Geoff Pope
Transfer from Eastern Michigan. 2 year starter at Howard. Solid tackler. Plays the run pretty well. Quick feet. Very agile. Fluid athlete. Good break out of his backpedal. Mainly plays off. Smart CB. Understands combo routes. Shows good awareness. Can play man or zone. Gave up TD vs Hampton. Seemed to slip coming out of his break. A bit upright in his backpedal. Against SC State, he ran down the RB from behind twice to prevent TDs (runs of 50, 59). ST’er. Only finished his time at Howard with 4 INTs and 7 PBUs, but simply didn't get many balls thrown in his direction. I watched several games and he had few opportunities. Had a great workout at his Pro Day. Ran a 4.29. 35 VJ. Did 15 reps.


Really looks the part. You look at him and watch him play and he looks like NFL CB material. Day 2 guy because of the lack of plays and experience vs top WRs.