Draft Update

With the Wild Card games in the books, we have an update on the draft order. From PFT:

1 Browns 0-16
2 Giants 3-13
3 Colts 4-12
4 Browns (from Texans) 4-12
5 Broncos 5-11
6 Jets 5-11
7 Buccaneers 5-11
8 Bears 5-11
9 or 10 49ers 6-10 (coin flip)
9 or 10 Raiders 6-10 (coin flip)
11 Dolphins 6-10
12 Bengals 7-9
13 Washington 7-9
14 Packers 7-9
15 Cardinals 8-8
16 Ravens 9-7
17 Chargers 9-7
18 Seahawks 9-7
19 Cowboys 9-7
20 Lions 9-7
21 Bills 9-7
22 Bills (from Chiefs) 9-7
23 Rams 11-5
24 Panthers 11-5

The Bills become an interesting team to watch. Could they trade those picks to move up 10 or so spots and go for a QB. The performance of Tyrod Taylor this weekend certainly can’t leave them feeling that he’s the answer.


The Bills, and the rest of the league, will have one more QB to choose from.

Jackson is a dynamic talent. He did some amazing things in college.

That’s just insane production. Jackson is a dual threat QB and this would seem to be the perfect time for a player of his skill set to be entering the NFL. More and more, coaches are adapting ideas from college football.

I’m excited to see what Jackson does at the next level. I know some people have serious doubts about him, but I see a player with tremendous potential.


If you need a talented returner, there is another target for you.


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