NFL Execs on Who to Watch in Indy

From Daniel Jeremiah.

Executive 1: Ashland TE Adam Shaheen
“He’s clearly the third-best tight end in this year’s class and I think you’ll start to hear first-round buzz about him by the time his workout is finished. It’s hard to find tight ends with his combination of size, speed and toughness. He’s a unique talent.”

Executive 2: Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes
“He will check every box in Indy. Tech was terrible (in 2016) and he didn’t get much attention, but everyone will be talking about him after the combine.”

Executive 3: Stanford DL Solomon Thomas
“I’m tempted to say Tak McKinley, but I’ll go with Solomon Thomas. He’s going to have an Aaron Donald-type workout. He’s a freak show.”

Executive 4: Stanford DL Solomon Thomas
“Solomon Thomas is going to put on a show. He’s incredibly explosive and he’ll destroy the change-of-direction drills. I wouldn’t be shocked if he ran (the 40-yard dash) in the 4.6s and jumped in the high 30s (inches).”

Executive 5: Vanderbilt LB Zach Cunningham
“We’re split on Cunningham in the draft room but we all agree he’s going to test really well. He can really run and he’s going to impress teams in the interview room as well.”

Shaheen is 6-6, 277 and athletic. I’m not sure about 1st round, but he is a good player.

I hate Mahomes. Can’t stand watching him play.

Thomas is special.

Cunningham is darn good.


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