North Practice – Day 2

Let’s talk about Cooper Kupp, the WR from Eastern Washington. He had a good day of practice on Wednesday. Kupp has good hands. He can make some tough catches. I love the way he fights for the ball when it is in the air. He has solid size, but isn’t going to overwhelm anyone physically. He does battle for the ball, which is something not all WRs do, even big ones.

Kupp runs good routes. He knows how to release off the ball and works hard to get open. He plays through contact when trying to get open and catch the ball. He shows a really impressive competitive streak.

There is one problem, and it is kinda big. Kupp is slow. I watched practice with Eagles beat writer Jimmy Kempski and he timed the WRs running in a certain drill. They were running 20 yards downfield and there were no DBs. Kupp was the slowest WR on the North team.

There was a play in the 1-on-1 drills where he used a great move to get separation from CB Brendan Langley. Kupp went downfield and Langley caught him with ease. There was another play where Kupp just ran a go route and Langley blanketed him the whole way.

Kupp can be a good possession receiver in the NFL. He might be more than that, but his lack of top speed shows on the field and that will limit some of what he can do.


OT Adam Bisnowaty is playing LT for the North. He is a blue-collar, physical blocker, but he has some issues in pass protection. He hops as he moves backward. That leaves him vulnerable to power rush moves. Bisnowaty doesn’t have good feet. I’ll be curious to see if he plays RT in the NFL or gets moved to OG.

Julien Davenport is a small school guy (Bucknell). He is the other LT for the North. Davenport has better feet and looks like he can be a LT in the NFL. He keeps a wide base and plays with good pad level. Davenport looks the part of a LT with his combination of size, agility and balance.


CB Rasul Douglas had a great year, picking off 8 passes. He has played pretty well down in Mobile. Douglas is aggressive and physical. He likes to get his hands on receivers and fight them as much as he can. He also likes to jump routes, as you might have guessed.

There are a couple of issues Douglas has to work on. He is too upright in his backpedal when playing off coverage. NFL receivers will eat that up. Douglas also can be too handsy with receivers. That will draw a lot of flags at the next level.


Let’s talk about some other WRs. Jalen Robinette is a bit under the radar because he played at Air Force and they just don’t throw the ball a lot. Robinette measured in at 6-3, 218 and he has legitimate NFL potential. He catches the ball smoothly and has good body control for such a big frame. Robinette is athletic and had a good day of practice.

Zay Jones had another strong day. He looked faster than on Tuesday and continued to catch the ball really well. I love the way he plucks the ball away from his body.


Boston College DB John Johnson is a really interesting player. He is listed with the Safeties here in Mobile, but has started at both CB and S in college. You can see that in the drills. Johnson has good coverage skills. There were multiple plays today where he stuck right with a WR. In today’s NFL, DBs who can do multiple things are incredibly valuable.


Dan Feeney is my favorite OL on the North squad. He played mostly RG today and had a strong showing. Feeney got movement on run plays. He gets low and is able to use leverage and power to move the DL across from him. Feeney is smart and uses angles well when trying to seal a defender or when moving laterally. Feeney looks like the kind of guy you can draft and plug into your starting lineup even as a rookie.


RB De’Veon Smith had another good day. He caught the ball well a few times, which isn’t something all 220-pound RBs do. Smith is a tough, physical runner. The issue with him is lack of burst/speed. There was a draw play where a hole opened up and Smith got through it, but a back with more burst could have turned that into a nice gain. Smith will move the chains, but isn’t a playmaker.

Kareem Hunt did show a good burst and broke off a few long plays on Wednesday. I like him quite a bit.



Edge rusher Derek Rivers had a good day. He got a “sack” when he pushed the pocket right back to the QB. On another play, Rivers grabbed a RB with one hand and got him down.

WR Amba Etta-Tawo has looked okay, but has not shown good deep speed.

ILB Conner Harris stuffed a goal line run. That’s 2 days in a row he’s made a flash play.

CB Desmond King had a good day in coverage. He lacks ideal deep speed, but can stick right with a receiver on short and intermediate routes.


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  1. James Adair says:

    Would you take Kupp if you traded back in the second round (20s of that round)?

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