The Loser of the Rams-Titans Trade

OT Laremy Tunsil had a legitimate shot to be the top pick in the draft.

After the Titans traded out of the top spot, there is a very real chance he could fall all the way down to the 6th spot, costing him millions of dollars.

Pro Football Weekly has a good piece on this.

Let’s assume Tunsil goes to the Ravens at six.

Although they are not always technically fully guaranteed, realistically first round picks almost always last at least four years, so we can just talk total value of contracts for purposes of this conversation.

Last season, Jameis Winston got $23.5 million at one and Marcus Mariota got $24 million at two. Third pick Dante Fowler, Jr. signed for $23.5 million, at four Amari Cooper got $22.7 million and the first offensive lineman off the board, Brandon Scherff, got $21.2 million at five.

Ironically last years presumed sure-fire third pick, Leonard Williams – everybody knew Winston and Mariota were going one and two – went sixth to the Jets and signed for $18.6 million.

Should Tunsil go sixth to the Ravens it will mean the Rams trade most likely cost him about $5 million, and if the Ravens pass him it falls off the edge of the table fast.

Tunsil will still be a high pick. He will get a good deal and has a chance to have a great career. But this trade has cost him big money in the short run.

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