Senior Bowl – Day 3 – North


I tried to watch Miles Killebrew on Thursday. He is the 6-2, 219 Safety from Southern Utah. If you watch his highlights, you’ll come away highly impressed. Trying to get a feel for how he plays on a consistent basis is tougher due to the level of competition. Killebrew didn’t face many NFL caliber players at Southern Utah.

Killebrew worked with the LBs during some early warm-up sessions. When they were in team sessions, he was back at S, often playing deep. I’ll be watching him closely during the game on Saturday.

Sheldon Day was good on Thursday. He played both DT and DE. Day is only 6-1, 286, but he uses that to his advantage. He stays low, which makes it tough for OL to cleanly get their hands on him. Day won at DE by using a good burst and also a good rip move. Day was very disruptive in practice.

DE Jason Fanaika uses a wicked spin move to go right by Jason Spriggs. Had there been a QB sitting there, he would have been toast. On the next rep, Fanaika used a power rush and Spriggs anchored well, winning the battle.

Josh Garnett has mostly worked at LG, the spot he manned for Stanford. Garnett occasionally was beaten by quick moves, but generally won when he got his hands on a rusher and could anchor. He has good size and strength.

Carson Wentz finally did something I didn’t like. The North QBs were doing a drill where they would throw down the seam to a TE or RB. The goal was to put some air under the ball and let it float in for an over the shoulder catch. Wentz struggled with this. He put too much loft on the ball and his guys had to either stop or slow down to get close to the ball.

This isn’t necessarily a big deal, but one concern I have with Wentz is his ability to throw downfield. This isn’t about arm strength. He can gun the ball all over the place. Wentz doesn’t show good downfield accuracy. He missed on some deep balls with the 1-on-1 drills. And he struggled with the drill mentioned above. When I watched Wentz play this year, I didn’t see good downfield accuracy. I’ll do further checking on this.

Cody Kessler was the QB who did the best in that drill. He put some loft on the ball, but just the right amount. He hit his guys in stride and the DB or LB had no chance to play the ball.

DE Carl Nassib was working on his pass rush moves. He lined up and LDE and just tried a speed rush on one rep. He was blocked. The coach talked to him about a couple of things. On the next rep, Nassib used a good rip move to beat the OT. Nassib lined up at DT in some drills to see how he would handle being an inside rusher. He showed promise, but isn’t as natural as when he’s out in space.

CB Eric Murray had a rough week. He got pulled aside on Wednesday so the coaches could talk to him. Murray was being overly physical during drills, which doesn’t do anyone any good. No one can then evaluate him, the WR or the QB. He would literally tackle guys on some reps. Murray kept battling on Thursday, but was still far too physical. He has potential, but needs a lot of work.

LB Kyler Fackrell, 6-5, 244, showed promise. He didn’t stand out as a rusher or in coverage, but showed promise in both areas. His best moment came when he broke up a pass in a passing drill.

Deiondre Hall is an interesting prospect. He has good size at 6-2, 192. His arms are crazy…34 3/4 inches long. Some teams are going to love that. Hall did well on Thursday. He was phsycial with recevers and showed a good feel for coverage.

TE/H-back Henry Krieger-Coble was good on Wednesday and Thursday. He made several tough catches over the course of those practices. He has very good hands and caught the ball in a variety of ways. He made a terrific over the shoulder grab. He let the ball get into his body on in-breaking routes. He also showed the ability to just pluck the ball.

Adolphus Washington is a very talented DT. He has excellent size at 6-4, 297. There were some reps on Wednesday and Thursday when he blew by his blocker and was in the backfield ready to make a play. He has big time talent. I think he’s too inconsistent, but you can’t deny his potential.


Cole Toner played RT for Harvard. He’s been working at RT and RG in Mobile. Toner had a good day.

TE Bryce Williams has not had a good week. He has really struggled with catching the ball.

I praised TE Nick Vannett on Wednesday. He was more up and down on Thursday. He made a couple of nice catches, but also had a couple of drops.

FB Soma Vainuku had the most impressive block of the day. He chipped on Nassib and put the big fella on the ground.

Braxton Miller had another strong showing.

Ohio State S Tyvis Powell, not my favorite player, had a PBU and an INT.


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  1. Dave M. says:

    Great iob. One suggestion, adding college team played for and position in your analysis would be very helpful.

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