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Ed. Note — Tuesday was full from 830am to 830pm so I’m just now getting started on writing. Here are some thoughts from Tyler Astin on what he saw on the NFL Network’s coverage. — Tommy Lawlor

By Tyler Aston

Quick Note: For all 4 digit height numbers: first number is feet, next two numbers are inches and final number is eighths of an inch, so 6065 = 6 feet 6 inches and 5/8ths

Top OL prospect T.J. Clemmings had a good day. Weighing 307lbs, he measured in at 6045, which is at the lower end of height for a tackle prospect, but has long 34 7/8 inch arms and big 10 3/8” hands.

Minnesota RB David Cobb 5106 and 229lbs, but looked really well put together and not nearly as compact as those numbers would indicate at practice.

Hau’oli Kikaha came in at 6024 and 246lbs. This likely confirms his projection as a 34 OLB. Although he is a little short and 31 ½” arms don’t help. This may cause teams that focus on measurable such as length to ding him.

Much the same case for Harvard’s Zach Hodges at 6025 and 242lbs. He does however have impressively long arms at 33 5/8”. Continues to look like a good rotational OLB with upside in the 3rd or 4th.

Poor Jeff Luc was born 15 years too late. His freakish 5116 and 263lbs would have drawn rave reviews. He looked ok in space during the “uppers” practice today, but I just can’t see him being much more than a 2 down backer in the modern NFL.

The past 6 months have been tough for Ty Montgomery. He entered the season as a potential first round pick, with great speed and deadly return ability. He struggled to catch the ball all season, and battled through a bad hamstring and shoulder, missing time. Today was another blow to his draft stock as the listed 6’2 220lbs Stanford WR came in at just 5116 and 216lbs.

Bryce Petty having 10” hands will likely help him with some evaluators.

Clayton Geathers came in at 6012 and 212lbs. Good size for a safety. He has small hands. His right hand is 8 7/8” and left 8 2/8”. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a big disparity in hand size. Weird.

Cornerback Ladarius Gunter of Miami came in at 6013 and 200lbs. Throw in 31 7/8” arms and 9 6/8inch hands and he checked every box in the weigh in part of the application.

Louisville edge rusher Lorenzo Maudlin had a good day, hitting all the preferred minimums. He is 6035 and 256lbs. 10” hands and 32 1/8” arms. Teams obsessed with measurable may use this as a tie breaker over some of the other pass rushers here who came in a bit smaller than hoped.

LB Denzel Perryman came in at 5105 and 242lbs. I’m a bit surprised he came in over 5’10. He’s still going to have to convince teams his height isn’t a major disadvantage. Also I saw reports that the 242 may not be a great weight for him as he had a bit of a gut.

I’m a big fan of Miami TE Clive Walford. He’s not the tallest guy at 6041 but has 34” arms and 10 ½” hands. Those numbers would be good for an OT.

I couldn’t tell you a thing about Florida OT Trenton Brown. But at 6084 and 376lbs, if the whole NFL thing doesn’t work out, I’m sure he can find work in the WWE or in Hollywood.

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