DE/LB Bud Dupree

Editor’s Note – Tyler Aston is a new contributor to Scouts Notebook, but he’s not new to following the NFL draft or evaluating players. His scouting reports will be a regular feature here. Enjoy.

Alvin (Bud) Dupree: EDGE, Kentucky, 6’4, 264lbs


And I heard as it were the noise of thunder.
One of the four beasts saying “come and see”,
and I saw, and behold a man in blue, he doth wear number 2.

Length, loose hips, active hands, explosive power. These are all key traits in pass rushers. Bud Dupree checks each box. Dupree was the constant focal point of opposing offenses. They ran away from him, slid protection his way, and kept TE’s and RB’s in an effort to slow him down. Yet every game, there he was making an impact. Add in the fact he plays with a dogged relentlessness and has a high football IQ, and let’s just say the girlfriend didn’t appreciate the idea of remaking “You, Me, and Dupree”.

Dupree is a high quality run defender. He has active, violent hands that he uses to jolt the blocker back at impact, and then disengage him. He does a good job at setting the edge while not getting upfield, and effectively giving a huge lane to his inside. Teams don’t run at him very often. He still finds ways to bring down running backs. There is an old offensive line coach adage about leaving a backside defender unblocked on a perimeter play the other way: “If he can chase down our running back, well shit, we need a new running back”. Sorry coaches, your running back works just fine, Dupree is just that explosive.

Dupree rushes out of both a three-point and standup position, from the left and right side. His first step is electric. Most players lose some explosiveness when playing out of a two-point stance, Dupree gets low in his standup stance and absolutely uncoils. He uses this in combination with a quick move to knock down the offensive players’ hand and a quick rip. It’s enough to give even the best pass protectors a headache. Overall his pass rush moves are fairly limited. He mainly just has the quick rip. His ability to hand fight and his speed do help him work inside to counter. He has a rip back to the inside that is workable, but unspectacular. He did however throw a couple of club-rip counters, which had me giddily squealing

Overall his burst and hand fighting should get him by while his position coaches help him develop more complex pass rushing moves.

Dupree drops very well for a man of his size. He is better in coverage than most two down ILB’s. His fluid hips allow him to pedal quickly while keeping his eyes in the backfield. He’s covered backs and slot receivers on short drag routes and TE’s on wheel routes.

Grade: 1st (top 10)

If you only watch one game: Mizzou (2014)

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  2. Baloophi says:

    Excellent work, Tyler (feels weird to call you that). Apparently “Dupree” means “from the meadow” in French… maybe that’s why he’s so comfortable out there in coverage? #helping

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