Sentreal Henderson’s Bad Pro Day

Miami OT Sentreal Henderson is a massive blocker with big time potential. But he also has big time questions. Henderson’s showing at his Pro Day didn’t help matters.


Henderson’s agent is in full spin mode.

Agent David Levine¬†told the Miami Herald¬†that Henderson “did not quit” the workout but rather that dehydration was the reason he could not finish. Levine said that Henderson met with New York Giants GM Jerry Reese after the workout and also met with the offensive line coaches of the Bengals, Seahawks and Jets as well.

Mortensen saying Henderson quit “was quite a mischaracterization,” according to Levine.

Even if that is true…and I’m not sure I buy it…Henderson looks bad for being dehydrated. A prospect’s Pro Day is one of the biggest days of his football career. The prospect needs to be ready to perform and part of that is being properly hydrated.

The Eagles had already pulled Henderson off their draft board, to give you some idea of what teams think of the young man. He could become a top flight RT or could be someone that struggles to understand the “pro” part of pro football. Being a professional means working hard, training properly and being reliable, on and off the field.

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