Senior Bowl Weigh-In Highlights

The weigh-in is over. Rather than just post the numbers, let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly.

Jeremiah Attaochu – 6032, 252 – That’s good size for him. He’s just over 6-3 and came in heavier than expected. Has 32 7/8 arms, which is good size. 4-3 teams will like him as a DE and 3-4 teams will love him as an OLB prospect

Justin Ellis – 6017, 342 – He is almost 10 pounds lighter than he was at the Shrine Game weigh-in. Still has a sloppy upper-body, but you can live with that since he’s a big guy and plays NT. He’s not meant to be sleek. Might be good to lose a few more pounds and get down to 335. That’s enough bulk for NT, but also would better allow Ellis to show off his athletic ability.

Dee Ford – 6021, 243 – Came in about the size he was listed at. Can bulk up some, but not too much. Won’t appeal to every team due to his size. Does have 10 inch hands, which can help when fighting off OL and trying to shed blocks.

Jimmy Garoppolo – 6022, 219 – He’s not huge, but looked solidly built.

Jon Halapio – 6034, 320 – Naturally thick build. Love to see OL built like that. Most have just added bulk to a good-sized frame. Halapio carries it very well. His hands are 10 1/4 and his wing span is more than 80 inches.

Adrian Hubbard – 6057, 255 – Not so sure about him. Looked like he had a small belly. Hubbard listed in the 240’s at Alabama. I wonder if he’s trying to bulk up so he can play 4-3 DE. Arms were 33 7/8, which is very good.

Ja’Wuan James – 6061, 315 – Had a small belly. You don’t mind that on big OL, but James isn’t all that huge. Good frame. Would have preferred him to be in better shape.

Christian Jones – 6033, 234 – Very cut. Looks the part of a LB. Can play ILB or MLB. 4-3 teams could like him at SAM or WLB. I wonder if any 3-4 teams will have interest in him adding 15 pounds and being a rush LB.

Arthur Lynch – 6044, 258 – This is no jacked up WR. Legit TE body. Thick legs. Strong dude. Could become an excellent blocker in the NFL. Has the build for it.

Daniel McCullers – 6067, 348 – Huge. Carries it pretty well. Hands are 10 5/8. Arms are 35 5/8. Wingspan is 85 1/2. Literally a monster. Hope he plays like that. Game tape is inconsistent. Some teams love big guys. McCullers is the biggest. Now that has to show up on the field.

Jay Prosch – 6006, 256 – Do you need a FB? Prosch is one thick, strong dude. Huge calf muscles. Looks the part.

Caraun Reid – 6021, 301 – A DT from Princeton? Yep. And he had one of the best bodies at the weigh-in. Has a naturally thick build. Isn’t going to get much bigger, but is impressive as is.

Jalen Saunders – 5086, 164 – A player small enough that DeSean Jackson could kick his butt. We knew Saunders would be small, but 164 is awfully light.

Telvin Smtih – 6027, 218 – Listed as a LB, but has the body of a DB. Skinny legs Thin build. Just doesn’t look like a LB. Gotta do a lot of tape study on him to see if he can play S.

Kyle Van Noy – 6032, 244 – I was worried he’d be closer to 6-2, 235. Has solid size. I don’t think he’s going to get much bigger. I really think Van Noy is best suited for 3-4 ILB or 4-3 SAM.

Brent Urban – 6066, 298 – One of the best bodies at the weigh-in. Looks the part of a 3-4 DE. Big frame, but sleek build. I’m sure OL coaches were looking at him and thinking he’d make a good OT prospect.

Chris Borland – 5113, 245 – Came in at the size he was listed at. Built like a brick wall. If ILB doesn’t pan out for him, could be a FB for some team. Short arms at only 28 7/8.

Tajh Boyd – 6006, 222 – I’m sure he wanted to be over 6-1. Looked to be in okay shape. Was heavier early in his career.

Michael Campanaro – 5093, 191 – Short, thick, muscular. Big upper body. Not your typical slot receiver. Very short arms at 28 5/8. That build will turn off some teams.

Kain Colter – 5106, 199 – QB and WR at Northwestern will be a full-time WR in the NFL. Has a solid build. Is 199, but carries it well. Has 10-inch hands and 30 3/4 arms.

Aaron Donald – 6007, 288 – Almost made it to 6-1. The most disruptive player in the country came in a bit bigger than expected. And he didn’t look like he put on too much weight. Can go 290 and still look good. Not sure he is meant to ever be a 300-pound DT, though.

Kadeem Edwards – 6041, 309 – Didn’t make a good first impression. Had a noticeable belly, which isn’t good for 309. Has a good frame, but needs to keep an athletic build. I don’t know if he’s tried to bulk up or just isn’t in great shape. Needs to get better.

Seantrel Henderson – 6067, 331 – Big dude, but in pretty good shape. Just naturally big. Hands are 10 3/8. Arms are 34 3/4.

Kareem Martin – 6057, 272 – Looks like a DL. I don’t see him playing 3-4 OLB. Has long arms at 34 3/4. Could bulk up to the 290 range and be a 3-4 DE.

Marcus Smith – 6034, 258 – Listed at 6-3, 252 so it was good to see him exceed those numbers. Looks the part of a 3-4 LB or 4-3 DE.

Logan Thomas – 6056, 250 – Huge. Looks more like a TE than a QB. Many people think he’s a project to develop at QB. I’m not in that group. I don’t believe in him as a QB. I think he’ll end up at TE eventually. Great body.


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