CFB Week 2 – Notes

The Michigan-Notre Dame game from last Saturday was a lot of fun to watch. Classic rivalry. Good player for both teams and a great atmosphere. You have to start with Michigan QB Devin Gardner. He made the bonehead play of the CFB season when he threw an INT…in his own endzone. He was being tackled and threw a ball to an Irish DL for a TD. That is bad times infinity. Or more. A Senior player simply has to know better. His team had the lead. Punting the ball away would have been fine. Terrible decision.

Gardner is a talented prospect. He throws the ball well. Has a good arm. Gifted athlete that can run as well. Gardner was 21-33-294 with 4 TD passes. He was 13-82-1 on the ground. NFL teams have to balance his physical skills with his QB skills. That INT was so awful that it will bug the heck out of some coaches and scouts.

LT Taylor Lewan is a guy with a huge reputation. I think he might be a bit overrated. Lewan is big and athletic. I just don’t think he’s as good a pass blocker as he should be. I do like him as a run blocker. I don’t see him as a Top 10 pick, but I know some people think Lewan will go very early.

Irish NT Louis Nix is a real fun player to watch. He goes about 6-3, 340 and is a classic NT. Nix can destroy single-blocking. He can eat up double-teams. And you have to love any player that calls himself “Irish Chocolate”. That nickname alone makes him worth a high pick.  

* * *

Dominique Easley is pretty much the opposite of Nix. Easley, a star DT for Florida, goes about 6-2, 280. He is a 1-gap, attacking DT. Easley explodes off the football. He has 2 TFLs so far this year, but that doesn’t begin to describe how disruptive he’s been. Easley fires off the ball and is into the backfield almost instantly. 4-3 teams will love him. 3-4 teams will have to decide if they want to mix him into their scheme and find a way to use his skills.

* * *

The leading tackler for Washington State is Safety Deone Bucannon. He has 22 tackles, a FF/FR and 0.5 TFLs in 2 games. Bucannon looks the part of an NFL DB. He is 6-1, 215. He is a tough, physical player. Good hitter and tackler. Check him out if you catch a WSU game. Look for #20.

* * *

I’m still in shock at the whipping that BYU put on Texas. Wow.

Cougars OLB Kyle Van Noy remains a player that fascinates me. He only goes about 6-3, 240. Is he a 4-3 SAM or 3-4 OLB?

Van Noy played well vs Texas. He played both the right and left side. He showed a great motor. He can stack and shed against OL. He used a spin move effectively when rushing the passer. Van Noy had 8 tackles and a sack in the game. He’s talented and productive.

The problem is that he’s not as big as most teams want 3-4 OLBs to be. He’s also not an explosive athlete like Von Miller. I wonder if some team would consider him at ILB. Lawrence Timmons played outside in college and moved to ILB in the NFL and has become a force. Van Noy looks like a good NFL prospect. The question is how good and at which position.

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