Scouting the Scouts

Greg Gabriel has been an NFL scout and personnel executive. He’s now doing some writing for National Football Post. In a recent piece, Greg listed some of the top scouts in the business.

Here is the write-up on Tim Mingey of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Ask any scout in the Southeast who the most respected scout in the area is and most will say Tim Mingey. Tim has been with the Jags since 1994 and has built a solid reputation ever since. In 2011 he was awarded the C.O. Brocato Scout of the Year award by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That in itself is all we need to know. Not only is Tim highly respected but he is also well liked by his peers. Spend some time with Tim Mingey and you always learn something.

Before he got into scouting, Tim was a successful college coach and recruiting coordinator. Some of his stops were West Point, Tennessee, East Carolina, Miami (Ohio) and Western Michigan.

Scouts do their work behind the scenes so it is always cool when they get some attention.

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Here is an interesting note from Daniel Jeremiah, former NFL scout.

The one thing I don’t think enough people know is that scouts do gather a lot of non-football information. This isn’t just a matter of watching tape, watching practice and then choosing which players you like. That’s only part of scouting.

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