Who’s Ready For The Senior Bowl?

I’m down in Mobile for the Senior Bowl, the nation’s top NFL Draft prospect showcase.  Some of the big names won’t be here, but the roster has plenty of talent and there is an interesting combination of players to check out.


QB – Ryan Nassib, Zac Dysert, and Mike Glennon are the guys here.  I like Dysert the most, but Nassib has a buzz building around him.  He really is interesting.  Glennon is the guy Mel Kiper loves, for what that’s worth.  Dysert played on a bad Miami of OH team this year.  I’m interested to see how playing with top talent affects his game.  It won’t surprise me for him to really shine.

RB – Not a great group, but Jonathan Franklin has always impressed me.  It will also be interesting to see how Kenjon Barner does playing in a conventional system rather than Oregon’s attack.

WR – The names won’t wow you, but this group is sneaky good.  There is speed (Wheaton, Goodwin).  There is size.  We’re all curious to see Denard Robinson as a WR.  And small school stud Aaron Mallette gets a chance to show what he can do.

TE – Good, not great group.  The focus here might be on Nick Kasa and whether he’s an OL or a TE.

OL – Good group.  Eric Fisher is the top LT prospect.  He’ll be fun to watch.  Kyle Long has the most to gain.  He’s a raw OL,  but has size and athleticism.  I’m curious to see if he plays any OT or just OG.  Justin Pugh can help himself if his pass blocking is good.  Very good run blocking LT.

DL – Margus Hunt and Alex Okafor are the names here.  Both guys had up and down years, but were dominant in their bowl games.  Can they play at that level down here?  Both are big DEs and you don’t always find those guys.

LB – I’m interested to see where Arthur Brown plays, ILB or OLB.  Great potential, but is he big enough for MLB in the NFL?  John Simon was a DE at Ohio St,  but will be a LB down here.  Excited to see Khaseem Greene in action.

S – Phillip Thomas and Jonathan Cyprien are the guys to focus on.  Thomas is a ballhawk.  Cyprien is a complete player.  How good are they?

CB – There are lots of big CBs, but 5-11 Jamar Taylor is the guy I’m most interested to watch.  Smart, tough player at Boise State.


QB – Tyler Wilson is the stud prospect of this group.  EJ Manuel has the most natural ability, but he needs to show how good of a passer he is.

RB – Not the most compelling bunch of names, but Andre Ellington had a big Senior year.  I’m excited to see how he does.  And Stepfan Taylor lacks speed, but was a workhorse for Stanford.  Will he be exposed or shine?

WR  – Quinton Patton and Terrance Williams are the two players most people are excited to watch.  Patton is a stud that not enough people know about.  Williams had a terrific season and is very talented.

TE – Michael Williams is a dominant type of blocker.  He’ll win plenty of 1-on-1 battles.  Mychal Rivera is the athlete.  He needs to shine in space.

OL – Lane Johnson is my top LT from this group.  He is a former TE and gifted athlete.  Dallas Thomas played LT and LG at Tennessee.  Interested to see how they use him.  Larry Warford is massive and powerful.  He will dominate at times.  Big RG.

DL – Ezekiel Ansah is the star of this group.  He’s new to football, but is a terrific athlete with huge upside.  He should shine.  John Jenkins is a massive NT that 3-4 teams will be drooling over.

LB – Sean Porter is the stud of this group.  He played in a 3-4 and 4-3 at Texas A&M.  Much better rushing the passer, but can play in space.  Chase Thomas will get a chance to show how complete of a LB he  is.  Jamie Collins has big time talent, but there are some questions with him.  He needs to stand out.

S – Bacarri Rambo is the big name.  He has major talent, but at times drives me nuts.  Curious to see how well he plays.  JJ Wilcox is a small school guy to watch.

CB – Robert Alford is a small school player with big time talent.  Gifted athlete.  Leon McFadden is a gifted cover corner.  Sanders Commings is huge.  Curious to study him and see if he can be the big, physical CB teams covet.

Full rosters are here.

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4 Responses to Who’s Ready For The Senior Bowl?

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  2. RC says:

    Intrigued to see how Quinton Patton does, he’s had great hands at a lower level of competition. Would like to hear about Vernon too, he runs precise routes and has a terrific feel for timing on short routes. Not the speediest receivers but Patton, Vernon, and Swope all seem to have good route running.

    Strange group of QBs, all seem to have flaws and none except Manuel are much good at running but they have an opportunity in a fairly level playing field.

    Margus Hunt may have the most potential of just about any player. If the Eagles move to this 3-4, I’m particularly interested in him and Jenkins as DL possibilities so I hope you get some good intel on them. Obviously DBs will be watched closely.

    Wondering if you caught Terry Hawthorne in E/W Shrine Game. He has a terrifc physique for CB, stood out all week supposedly, and didn’t get thrown at much at Illinois. Would be interested in how these CBs stand up to him. With Milliner and Rhodes getting a lot of notoriety I’m wondering if Hawthorne and others can get in the mix with the top corners in this draft. Banks is another one but covering speed receivers is a knock on him.

  3. Ben says:

    Tommy, what are you thoughts on DT Kawann Short? Seems a bit large relative to the rest of the DT’s, but he was an absolute pass rushing and run stopping force at Purdue. Where do you see him going, and what kind of system do you see him thriving with?

  4. RC says:

    Only one drill but Simon looked very heavy and slow in coverage at LB. Margus Hunt showed quickness and athleticism working inside, tremendous talent still raw but so inconsistent at SMU. Somebody could really coach him up.

    First day but Glennon threw into coverage and was picked. Long working at left guard on a drill or two that I saw. Has the arm and made some nice throws but makes mistakes.

    Funny to hear Mayock/Davis mention Landry Jones mistakes because I was talking to a friend of mine during his bowl game vs Manziel and co and Jones through a bad pick. We’ve said over and over Jones can look really good and then makes maddening throws into coverage especially at inopportune times. Thing with Jones is too he’s started a lot of games and seems to repeat his mistakes. It’ll be interesting to see if Jones can look any different this week.

    Trufant competing hard though was tangling up with Wheaton. Impressed with Trufant and Wheaton’s effort and finishing…not all players working that hard.

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