Bowl Preview – Rutgers, Va Tech, Texas Tech

by David Syvertsen

* Here is a full bowl schedule


#20 Khaseem Greene – LB – 6’1/230

Has led the Big East in tackles each of the past two seasons.  Still relatively new to the linebacker position, former safety.  A good change for him obviously.  Aggressive in pursuit.  Can play like an absolute bull between the tackles with a lot of physical impact on blockers and ball carriers.  The consistency isn’t there however.  I’ve seen a couple games where he looked very average across the board.  Would think he’d be better in coverage than he is considering he used to be a safety.  2nd rounder, could fit in to a lot of schemes.

*#11 Logan Ryan – CB – 6’0/190

Has not yet decided whether he will go pro or stay for his senior season.  I don’t think he is ready for the NFL and another year in college could really up his stock.  I do like how physical he plays week in, week out.  May be the most physical corner in the nation.  Constantly throwing his hat in to the action, shows no hesitation in taking on offensive linemen.  As a cover man, Ryan doesn’t appear to be sure of himself yet.  A lot of delayed reactions, doesn’t always have his balance.  Does a nice job of locating the football but he’s not as fluid as I want.  Another 2nd, maybe 3rd rounder here.

#94 Scott Vallone – DT – 6’3/275

Ton of experience.  1st Team All Big East in 2012.  Has been a good college player but doesn’t have the tool set to play inside in most schemes at the next level.  Will be a limited player.  But teams like to find roster space for a guy like Vallone.  Hustler that gets the most out of himself.  Can penetrate the backfield and disrupt.  Could be moved around a bit.  Late rounder at best.

#81 Mark Harrison – WR – 6’3/230

Never got to that next level that many thought he would after 2010.  Big, physical receiver that can be a tough matchup for the smaller corners.  Inconsistent hands.  Poor route runner because his agility is below average.  Takes too long to get in and out of breaks.  Acceleration is poor.  Decent top end speed once he gets going.  Shows flashes here and there but not enough to be drafted in the first 5-6 rounds.  May get taken late.

#10 DC Jefferson – TE – 6’6/244

A guy that I believe will be better in the NFL than what he has been in college.  Has the NFL body.  Will raise some eyebrows in workouts, can run well in space.  Long strider, can close space between him and defender well.  Not a great blocker, I think it is a strength issue.  He bends well and gets out of his stance fast.  Just doesn’t lock out, hands are weak when engaged with a lineman.  Late round project kind of guy that I think will attract the tight end coaches across the league as a final draft pick.


*#99 James Gayle – DE – 6’4/260

Has not yet declared for the draft, and I don’t think he should.  Gayle is a promising prospect, but he is not in the same league as the edge rushers in this upcoming class.  Will put up elite workout numbers across the board.  However does not translate the quick twitch/reaction to the field.  Could use more of a power game as well.  Easily overwhelmed by the better blockers he was up against this year.  Shows the glimpses of being a dynamic edge talent though.  f he comes out, he is looking at round 3.

#83 Corey Fuller – WR – 6’2/196

Interesting story here.  Was a very good track athlete at Kansas for two years, decided to transfer to Virginia Tech in 2010 to play football.  Worked his tail off, impressed the coaching staff.  Finally got a shot in 2012 and shined.  Smooth athlete in space.  Gets behind the back level of a defense consistently.  Nice ball skills.  Could be a huge value grab for someone because of a simple lack of sustained production.  Best football is ahead of him and the sub 4.4 speed is going to be there.

#51 Bruce Taylor – LB – 6’2/244

I’ll be trying to get a better feel for Taylor over the next month or two.  I think he can do well in the NFL.  Versatile.  Smart.  Fast. Plays the position well and hasn’t had a lot of talent around him.  Little banged up throughout his career as well.  Plays with a low base, strong arms to keep blockers from locking him up.  Quality tackler.  As of right now a late rounder but I think he can bump up in to the 4th-5th area.

#54 Nick Becton – OT – 6’6/328

Was a rotational player up until this season where he started every game at left tackle.  Does not have the feet to play there in the NFL though.  Could be a backup right tackle prospect.  Nice size, carries a lot of weight pretty easily.  Will flash big time power when his feet are underneath him.  Balance, agility, technique will need a lot of work.  Possible late rounder.

#7 Marcus Davis – WR – 6’4/228

Has been a disappointment. Has some freakish workout numbers.  Strong, hard body that runs a legit sub 4.4.  Not the kind of player that gets the most out of his natural ability though.  Low football IQ.  Often that target of QBs and coaches for running wrong routes.  Lack of hustle as a blocker on a weekly basis.  I think he gets drafted based on upside, but nothing before round 6 because he is a big time underachiever. 


#16 Cody Davis – S – 6’2/202

Physical, downhill, in the box safety.  Not sure about his speed against the deep passing game, but he moves well with the action in front of him.  Reliable tackler.  Nice form and delivers a pop.  Instinctive, smart player.  49 starts.  Very experienced.  Might be a late rounder but will need to workout well.

#65 LaAdrian Waddle – OT – Texas Tech – 6’6/330

This will be my first scouting look at Waddle.  I’ve only seen him in passing.  Obviously a massive body, could stand to drop some of it.  Not much of a knee bender, leans too much.  Reliable and versatile, decent athlete.  Could be a backup that starts down the road once he shores up his technique and gets in better physical condition.

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