Saturday Bowl Prospect Preview

by David Syvertsen

* 1pm Nevada vs Arizona in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl *


#10 Matt Scott – QB – 6’3/196

In a year where it appears to be very difficult to grade a quarterback as a top 10 prospect overall, there are a handful of guys I have been tempted to throw in the top five that most do not know a ton about.  Scott is one of those guys.  Tough as nails signal caller that has the blend of power and touch on his deep ball.  Excellent runner.  Has a good feel on both designated running plays and broken down passing plays.  Outruns most linebackers, some defensive backs.  Has exceeded expectations with very little talent to throw the ball to.  Was backing up Foles prior to this season.  I watched his games against USC, Oregon, Washington, and Oklahoma State this season.  Had to take a lot of risky chances playing from behind a lot, thus the reason for high INT numbers.  I think he improves a lot once he gets in to the league.  4th-6th round option for the backup position.

#4 Dan Buckner – WR – 6’4/215

Great size and strength for the position.  Not a great receiving prospect, however.  Lacks the quick twitch in and out of breaks as a route runner.  Below average reaction once the ball is in the air.  Will drop the easy pass, not a fluid receiver.  Will body a lot of balls when it is not necessary.  Does make an impact as a blocker on the edge.  Can manhandle most college cornerbacks with his size, strength, effort combination.  Maybe gets drafted 6th-7th round.


#44 Zach Sudfeld – TE – 6’7/255

If you haven’t seen Sudfeld yet, make sure you put the eyeball on him in this game.  The NFL tight ends have gone from block first, catch passes later to arguably the most popular position to exploit mismatches for quarterbacks to exploit.  The combination of size and athleticism alone could get Sudfeld drafted in the first 3 rounds.  He came back for a sixth year after breaking his leg early in 2011 and put himself in to consideration for the top 2 rounds.  Easy mover with long strides in space, Sudfeld is a legitimate deep threat up the seam.  Nevada demands a lot of blocking out of their tight ends.  Sudfeld is a high effort, knee bending, long armed player in the trenches.  Behind Eifert and Ertz, Sudfeld might be the most sought after tight end in the draft.

#75 Chris Barker – G – 6’4/305

Will start his 53rd consecutive game, each one of his entire career.  Has been the best lineman on the team since 2010.  Has the ideal body for a guard with plenty of power and lateral quickness.  Can overwhelm his opponent.  Average at the second level, doesn’t have the same physical presence there in space.  Can be late to react to blitzes to his outside shoulder. Not that far off from Warmack and Cooper.  2nd-3rd rounder as of right now.  Would love to see him get a week down in Mobile.

#5 Duke Williams – Nevada – 6’1/200

Caught my eye against Boise State.  A do it all safety that is at his best when moving downhill towards the line of scrimmage.  Great speed, can close a gap in a blink.  Physical player. Needs better tackling form, as do 99% of college defensive backs coming out.  Tough guy to beat deep in man coverage.  Can stick to a speed receiver downfield.  Showed a couple signs of being a more-than-capable deep zone defender as well.  Mid round prospect at this point, but someone definitely worth looking in to over the next couple of months.

#78 Jeff Nady – OT – 6’7/305

Plays left tackle.  Has a long reach and good balance with the knee bend.  Does not use a lot of power to overwhelm defenders, but can keep himself between the ball carrier and defender.  Weak hands.  Will need some strength training before he gets on the field.  6th-7th rounder.

#51 Albert Rosette – LB – 6’2/240

Moved back and forth between LB and DE.  Not a good DE prospect, but has done well at middle linebacker this season.  Leading tackler.  Impressed me against Boise State enough to consider him draftable.  Plays more physical than almost all of his opponents.  I like his physical presence on the field.  Can get by with his hustle, but do not take that as him being unathletic.  He has range.  Not a cover linebacker but can do well enough to stay on the field as a two down linebacker.  Could be a good strong side prospect for a lot of schemes.  6th-7thround.

#4 Brandon Wimberly – WR – 6’3/215

Was a rising star after winning Conference Freshman of the Year in 2009.  Missed 2011 after suffering a gun shot wound that was inches away from ending his life.  I’ve seen him play twice in 2012, looking forward to this matchup against Arizona.  He should be the best player in every one on one matchup he sees against Arizona.  Physical, over the middle type receiver that can break tackles and gain a lot of yarda after the catch.  More powerful than quick.  Does not scare anyone deep but there can be a role for him out there.  Nothing jumps off the screen with him but he runs nice routes, catches a lot of passes, and creates on his own.  Late rounder.


* 430pm Toledo vs Utah State in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl  *


#25 Kerwynn Williams – RB – 5’8/189

Productive playmaker.  Played in the shadow of Robert Turbin on 2011 and 2010.  Got his shot to be the man this year and shined.  Led team in rushing and receiving.  Will be a third down back the next level to start, Darren Sproles type.  Easy mover, needs to be in space to be most effective.  Not a great in between the tackles prospect, as he won’t break through NFL arm tackles.  Definite threat out of backfield, natural receiver and as a returner.  If he can prove to be an effective blocker, he’ll make an immediate impact.  5th-6th rounder.

#17 Will Davis – CB – 6’0/186

Good athlete with length and fluid hips.  Can turn and run.  A lot of experience in man coverage without help over the top.  Received the worst possible grade in both games I watched when it came to presence, hustle, impact against the run.  A guy that appears to get out of the way rather than make a play on the ball carrier.  Really hate that.  Will be drafted at some point late because of his size and agility combination.

#10 Chuck Jacobs – WR – 6’0/178

This is my darkhorse prospect of the day.  Elite explosion, speed, and fluidity in space.  Runs better routes that most of the top receivers in this draft.  When you put together this kind of agility/speed along with route running ability, there is big time potential here.  He does not have a lot of physical presence but he is tough.  Seen him take some big hits and get right back up.  A lot of action over the middle in traffic.  Workouts may get his name on the radar, but I’m already looking hard at him.  Late rounder that could be a huge value gamble.


#32 Dan Molls – LB – 6’1/230

Nation’s leading tackler.  Was 10th in the nation as a sophomore in 2010.  Injury cut his 2011 in half.  Productive and consistent.  Only saw him once in 2012 to this point.  All over the field kind of linebacker.  Will be a special teamer in the NFL, definitely a spot for him somewhere.  6th-7th rounder at best.

#29 Jermaine Robinson – S – 6’3/205

Big safety that had a big year, put himself on some radars.  Not as physical as I want over the middle, but doesn’t shy from contact.  Gets away with poor form tackling in that conference but he will need to shore that up at the next level.  The size/speed/ball skill combination will likely get him drafted late.

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