Draft Notebook – Week 8

* Oregon DE/LB Dion Jordan looks like a special prospect.  He’s 6-7 243.  He had 5 solo tackles and 2 sacks vs Arizona State.  Jordan can fly off the edge.  Part of what makes him special is his ability to turn/bend and get by the OT.  Some tall rushers struggle with that.  Jordan is a very gifted athlete and can dip and get right by blockers.

The real question is what to do with him.  He’s so athletic that he could play LB in the 4-3 or 3-4.  He can add 10-15 pounds and be a DE.  You obviously want him rushing the QB in passing situations.  You have to decide what you want his base position to be.  Could use him like the Giants do Mathias Kiwanuka.  Difference is that Jordan can cover.  He will line up over slot receivers at times and follow them 20 yards down the field.

Jordan will be a very high pick.  I’m interested to see who gets him and how they use him.

* ASU’s star DT Will Sutton got hurt early on in the game.  He is having a great year (8.5 sacks, 3 pass deflections, 2 FFs).  Sutton is undersized at 6-1, 270, but is an extremely disruptive player.  He is only a Junior and I’d love to see him stay in school and work on his game.  There are things for him to work on and getting up to about 285 pounds would be great.  Could be a Jonathan Babineaux type of DT.  The injury kept him out of the game, but isnt a season ender.  Just a minor knee injury.

* LSU Safety Eric Reid is a really good player, but he can drive you nuts at times.  He is super-aggressive.  Against North Texas earlier in the season he bit on short routes and got burned a couple of times.  You could see the aggressive style of play vs Texas A&M.  Tried to jump a crossing route and was rightfully called for PI.  Had he stayed back and made the tackle, A&M would have been punting.  Receiver was going to be short.  There was another play when he flew up and leveled a player.  You love the aggressive mentality when it works, but there are times when his decision-making is highly questionable.

* Mike Mayock did the BYU/Notre Dame game on Saturday.  He talked about BYU DE Ezekiel Ansah and the buzz he’s creating in scouting circles.  Ansah originally went to BYU to run track and then moved on to football.  He’s 6-6 and is now up to 270.  Gifted, natural athlete.  As Mayock pointed out, the biggest issue for him now is strength.  That will come with time and working out.  Ansah has the potential to be a stud DE.  He hasn’t put up gaudy numbers this year (3 sacks), but BYU runs a 3-4 and it is harder for those DEs to get to the QB.  Watch the tape and you see a really athletic player that is good on the move and can be disruptive.

* Duke is off to a 6-2 start and is bowl eligible for the first time since 1994.  QB Sean Renfree is the leader on offense.  He’s tough, smart, and an accurate passer.  Unfortunately, he isn’t physically gifted.  Can’t run.  Doesn’t have a good arm.  Might make a terrific coach, but I don’t think he has NFL ability.

WR Conner Vernon does have pro potential.  He’s got solid speed and good size (6-1, 195).  Runs good routes.  Can play the slot or outside.  Has good, not great hands.  Vernon is getting used as the PR some this year and shows potential there.  Has good RAC ability.  Very productive player.  Is one of the leading receivers in ACC history.

* Geno Smith is 50-87-418 with 2 TDs and 2 INTs…in the last 2 games combined.  He and WVA are coming back to Earth.  Smith is still an outstanding prospect, but consecutive bad games is a concern.  He’s faced good defenses each of the last 2 weeks and it shows.  I also wonder about pressure.  Does Geno feel the need to be perfect?  The last 4 opponents have all scored at least 45 points on WVA.  That’s awful defense.  And that can affect the guys on offense.

* Texas A&M LB Sean Porter is a very good player.  He’s at his best attacking up the field.  Porter had a sack vs LSU when he blitzed the A-gap and no one blocked him.  Sounds easy, but you see so many guys blow chances like that.  Porter knows how to seal the deal.  He’s got 12.5 sacks in his career.  Solid run defender as well.  Really good athlete.

* Maybe the most underrated LB (or player) in the country is Khaseem Greene of Rutgers.  Check out the game he had vs Syracuse:  14 total tackles, 1.5 sacks, INT, 3 FFs.  He was all over the field that day.  He’s having a great Senior season.  Greene, a former Safety, leads RU in tackles.  He’s got 2 INTs, 3.5 sacks, 4 FFs, and 4 pass breakups.

Greene can fill vs inside runs.  He can chase plays that go away from him.  Good blitzer.  His time at Safety helped him develop good cover skills.  Greene needs to work on shedding blocks, but he is not a finesse player.  He will mix it up between the tackles.  I love the FFs.  He has 10 for his career.  Greene gets his hand on the ball and then rips.  He must have watched lots of Peanut Tillman highlights.

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  2. andrew says:


    I know the scheme will change with Bowles now coaching the D, but could you see Greene as a WLB target for the Eagles?

  3. DaEagles says:

    Good video here of Lewan vs Gholston. Lewan definitely got the best of him


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