College Football Preview – Week 5

by David Syvertsen        (you can follow him on Twitter here)

·      Interesting situation for Ohio State right tackle Reid Fragel.  A career tight end, Fragel made the move to the offensive line this past spring.  He simply wasn’t seeing enough playing time behind Jake Stoneburner, and wanted to test his talents in the trenches.  I’ve seen Fragel twice this year.  So far, so good.  He seems to have a grasp for the basics of the position.  Very light on his feet, works hard to keep his arms extended.  Very balanced as a pass blocker on the edge.  He lacks the power element to his game, but that is to be expected.  He’ll need to add some bulk, but there is plenty of room there on his frame to do so.  He’ll be matched up against Michigan State junior defensive end William Gholston(6’7/280), a probable first round pick in April.  Talk about a test against a player’s weakness.

·      A lot of exciting players to watch in the West Virginia/Baylor matchup.  West Virginia’s Tavon Austin is one of my favorite players to watch.  He is listed as a WR, but Austin will be found all over the stat sheet.  They give him rushing attempts out of the backfield, he returns punts and kicks, and they’ll use him in the screen game as well as a deep threat. His ability to change direction and accelerate to top speed in a blink is on the same level as anyone in the country.  Tougher to take down than he looks, Austin could sneak his way in to round one next April.

·      While Baylor’s Terrance Williams may not be the open field threat that Austin is, he could very well be the top NFL prospect in this game.  The 6’2/205 senior is averaging over 20 yards per catch so far.  Williams is at his best when leaping for a ball downfield.  He shows tremendous body control, reaching for the ball at the apex of his leap.  Williams also as a plus grade as a route runner, something we don’t see that often with college players.

·      Another Baylor receiver that does not receive the national recognition yet is the speedy Lanear Sampson.  The 5’11/205 senior runs a sub 4.4 forty, and squats over 600 pounds.  Great workout numbers are fine and they will raise some eyebrows.  But Sampson has plenty of experience and production to go with it.  He has the speed to get behind a secondary, but he is also agile underneath to get open on third down.  He is a weapon out of the slot.  Guys like Sampson are becoming valued higher and higher each year.

·      It’s time for South Carolina defensive end Devin Taylor to show up on gameday.  There is a lot of hype surrounding the 6’8/267 senior.  What I’ve seen so far is a long athlete that lacks any sort of quick twitch, and has yet to develop a power game.  A lot of the talk surrouding him revolved around long term potential but even then, he needs to prove he can be a force in the trenches.  I see a guy that plays too high with minimal agility.  That won’t work in the NFL.  He faces of against Kentucky today.  He should be able to take over at some point.

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2 Responses to College Football Preview – Week 5

  1. T_S_O_P says:

    In a forgetful game the aforementioned Tavon Austin, Terrance Williams and Lanear Sampson hardly troubled the stat sheet. Mentioning either teams secondaries would have been far more worth your while.

    Please try harder.


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