College Notebook

Here are some general college football thoughts, non-draft related. 

* Clemson suspended WR Sammy Watkins for the first 2 games due to an offseason drug arrest.  Watkins played yesterday and made his presence felt right away.  He had a 58-yard TD run.  Also caught 4 passes for 52 yards.  Watkins is one of the best players in all of college football.

* Stanford physically dominated USC last night.  They absolutely controlled the LOS.  Stanford had 4 sacks, USC none.  Stanford outran the Trojans, 202 to 26 (sack yards affect the rushing total in college…RBs actually did have 60 yards on the ground).  USC has some good players, but they aren’t strong on the LOS.  Stanford lost Andrew Luck, but they still do have talent on the LOS.  Fun game to watch last night if you like to see a physical team dominate a game. 

* The Big 10 looks awful this year.  Wisconsin got lucky in beating Utah State.  Cal should have knocked off Ohio State, in Columbus.  Michigan State got dominated by Notre Dame. I won’t even go into what we saw in the first couple of weeks.  Ohio State might be the best team, but I sure don’t believe in them.

* Texas has struggled in recent years due to an invisible offense.  Last night they put up 66 points on Ole Miss.  I’m not ready to totally buy in yet, but this is a very good sign for the Longhorns.  If the offense is legit, the team can get back to where it was a few years back, competing for national titles.

* The two best teams I’ve seen so far are Alabama and Florida State.  The Crimson Tide is dominating everyone.  So are the Noles.  Difference is that Bama has played legit competition and FSU hasn’t.  Looking forward to seeing FSU when they do face top shelf competition.

* I tuned in for part of the Va Tech-Pitt game and I was shocked to see the Panthers just dominating the Hokies.  Va Tech will lose games and even get upset by weak teams, but they just don’t get physically beaten down.  That happened on Saturday.  Pitt fed Freshman RB Rushel Shell in the 4th Qtr.  Va Tech defenders dove at his feet.  They hesitated before making contact.  I guarantee you Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster is as mad as he’s ever been.  His players weren’t tough and weren’t physical.  That is unacceptable in Hokie-world.  Pitt had 537 yards of offense.  Simply a shocking game.

* How awful is Colorado?  Fresno State had 55 points and 500 yards against them.  At halftime.  Yes, you read that right…at halftime.  The final score was 69-14.

* Louisville has a good young player in QB Teddy Bridgewater.  He was 23-28 for 279 yards and 3 TDs in the win over UNC.

* Cal RB Brendan Bigelow was 4-160 vs OSU.  He had TD runs of 81 and 59 yards.  He’s got explosive speed.  Do yourself a favor and go find highlights of the long TD run.  Great play.

* I won’t try to describe the end of the Utah-BYU game.  Unbelievable.  Go here to read and see what took place.

* Duke beat NC Central 54-17.  NCCU isn’t much of a program, but for Duke to win by 37, that’s noteworthy.

* Miami Hurricanes fans should be ashamed.  Oh wait…they’d have to exist first.


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  1. DaEagles says:

    FSU doesn’t have a good offensive line, which will come back and hurt them

  2. NFLGimpy says:

    Positive mention of Pitt?

    Best column you’ve ever written.

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