Supplemental Draft

The NFL Supplemental Draft is Thursday.  Here are the available players:

WR Josh Gordon – Baylor
RB Ed Wesley – TCU
LB Larry Lumpkin – Carson-Newman
DB Quaylon Ewing – Boise State
RB Adam Harris – Syracuse
DE Montez Robinson – Georgia
WR Houston Tuminello – McMurray
OG Adrian Haughton – Iowa State

Gordon is the headliner.  He had his Pro Day on Tuesday.  Gordon measured in at 6-3, 224.  He ran 4.52 in the 40.  Had a 36-inch VJ and did 10-1 in the BJ.  Put on the game tape and you see that athleticism.  Gordon shows the ability to get deep.  He’s got the size and strength to break tackles. You see flashes of really good potential:  the ability to adjust to the ball, the ability to make tough catches, the ability to pluck the ball smoothly.    

The tape doesn’t show a guy who consistently does this things.  Gordon caught 42 passes in 2010 (42-714-7).  Many of these were short throws that are so typical of the spread offense.  Gordon isn’t a polished route runner.  We don’t know if he can get open with crisp routes.  We don’t know if he can consistently work the middle of the field.  Right now he looks like a pure X-receiver.

The other problem here is character.  Gordon was kicked off the Baylor team, reportedly for failing a drug test.  He transferred to Utah and sat out 2011.  Gordon then decided to head for the NFL.  We have a player here who was productive for one year (2010) and that’s it.  There is a lot more unknown than known with him.

The talk amongst experts today was that Gordon will go no later than the 3rd round.  Personally, I think that is a mistake.  He’s got talent, but too many questions to invest a pick that high.  If he is taken that early, it will be a need pick and not a value pick.

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Beyond Gordon there aren’t great players available.

Wesley ran for 2,442 yards and 21 TDs in 3 years for TCU.  He lacks ideal size and speed, but runs with good balance and is slippery.  Doesn’t go down on first contact.  I think Wesley is worth a late pick.

Lumpkin is an athletic LB with talent and potential, but lots of questions as well.  He transferred from a I-AA school and the coach there publicly questioned his work ethic and focus.

Robinson was a HS star, but ended up in jail.

This is hardly a group to get excited about.

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  1. Joe says:

    Did he do any of the agility drills? Happen to have a 10 yard split number? Havent seen those things reported anywhere, just curious.

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