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Alright Vilma, you’ve got my attention.

I hate beating the Bountygate stuff into the ground but the lawsuit just filed by Jonathan Vilma finally gives us a real look at the NFL’s case and why they possibly couldn’t reveal more. Vilma is now suing the possible whistleblower of this whole fiasco. Mike Cerullo, a former defensive assistant with the Saints, is the culprit. I’ll say this: it’s about time.

Before this, the NFL’s case was kind of sketchy and I speculated that it was because they were protecting the whistleblower. Vilma is alleging in his lawsuit that Cerullo was motivated to report (and lie) by revenge due to several factors, such as a cheap Super Bowl ring and getting fired. This opens up a whole new avenue where I finally have to accept that the players have a real case. What if the whistleblower is also a liar?

It’s very apparent that there was a pay for performance system in New Orleans, the question is whether there was also a pay for injury system. This lawsuit really shows that the NFL could be wrong. If Goodell used lies and forged documentation given by Cerullo, the NFL has to back down.

This is going to keep getting uglier and the NFL has mishandled this from the beginning. I’m finally starting to give the players a lot of legitimacy. If Cerullo is lying or misleading the NFL, not only is he possibly guilty of a lot of things, the NFL will be forced to recant in a very public and embarrassing manner. This won’t go away any time soon and as TO would say, getcha popcorn ready! Well just don’t get it ready and turn on Skype…

Quick Hits (and some random nuggets on a quiet week)

-PacMan Jones once spent a million dollars in a weekend. He may be an idiot, but that’s impressive. You’re on a special level of stupidity bro.

-I wrote about the NFL sack record last week and both Jared Allen and DeMarcus Ware agree one of them could do it. Eagles DE Jason Babin is also a possibility.

-Random 2012 season prediction: The Bears defense will be viewed as average at best by the end of the season, which is something many thought in 2011 anyways.

-I have no idea why it took the NFL so long to move 4:15pm nationally televised games back a few minutes. You have a huge gap in time before Sunday night football begins, yet you constantly have overlap on those national double headers. 10 minutes makes a huge difference. Heck, I wish they’d do it for local games too. I’d rather wait 10 minutes for a game to start than miss some and what’s the difference between a 7pm finish and a 7:10 finish?

-NHL free agency is crazy this year. You have 2 free agents who have offers from like 20 teams. Even in the NFL top of the line players don’t get 20+ offers. I doubt Mario Williams had offers from 2/3rds of the NFL.

-There’s a reason my wife and I only go out to high end restaurants once or twice per year. Final bill for 2 dinners, 2 desserts, and a couple of drinks: $152. That doesn’t include the tip or the valet parking. The food was great and all, but not worth double or triple a normal night out.

-My Pitt homer moment of the week. There were as many former Pitt players (3) in the top 25 of the NFL’s top 100 as SEC players. Hail to Pitt: Fitz, Revis, and Shady!!!! Watch out if Jonathan Baldwin ever works as hard as those three, he could join them.

-Aldon Smith, take a lesson from my man Ted Mosby (main character on CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother). Nothing good happens after 2 am. I don’t care if you’re innocent here and you were just breaking up a fight. You’re a millionaire athlete, you shouldn’t be at a party where a fight could break out at 2 am.

-If you’re feeling patriotic, I recommend reading (not watching) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This true story of the sacrifices Lincoln made while fighting vampires and leading us through the Civil War (aka vampire war to control America) is fascinating. Seriously though, great book with a great ending. Some men are just too interesting to die.

-I’m a huge history buff, so let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes in honor of Independence Day. “Liberty cannot be preserved without the general knowledge among the people.” John Adams said that. In so many words, knowledge is freedom. Use the day off in the middle of the week to read a little history. Feel free to tweet me if you want any suggestions.

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  2. Jyot says:

    A part of me hopes Vilma is right and the NFL is wrong. I’d love to see the league’s reaction.

    Three Pitt players in the top 25 is impressive, but it makes me wonder why they aren’t owning the Big East. (shout out to Tino Sunseri)

    Ted Mosby reference? Golden.

  3. mcud says:

    Re: Pac Man

    He was going for the 300 million.

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