Day 3 Chat

Get your butts in here.

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84 Responses to Day 3 Chat

  1. ToastJenkins says:

    i’m here. brought my irish butt with me

  2. NFLGimpy says:

    Dangit, Lamar Miller won’t get many starts in Miami.

  3. Matt Alkire says:

    Bacon is good. Mmmm.

  4. Matt Alkire says:

    Wow, Gino Gradkowski in the 4th?

  5. T_S_O_P says:

    When does the run on CBs occur?

  6. Steve says:

    The panthers war room looks like a very boring place to be.

  7. Steve says:

    So who’s our best prospects still on the board?

  8. NFLGimpy says:

    Something to recall about the Eagles…

    In 2011 they got Jason Kelce in the 6th
    In 2010 they got Jamar Chaney and Kurt Coleman in the 7th
    In 2009 they got Moise Fouku in the 7th
    In 2008 they got King Dunlap in the 7th

    They will find starters or key contributors in the late rounds better than anyone.

  9. killdawabbit says:

    So what’s with the ‘skins taking Cousins?

    • NFLGimpy says:

      Talking heads are overrating it. Think about it. They have Rex Grossman and John Beck. They need a long term backup in case RG3 gets hurt. Mobile QB’s always have a higher chance of injury. You also get a good plan B if RG3 busts.

      RG3 is the man there and the Cousins pick doesn’t change that. You just need crap to talk about on day 2 and this is a good thing to push because fans understand it.

      • killdawabbit says:

        Makes sense.

      • Matt M says:

        They’re talking about it so much because Trent Dilfer realizes how NFL-ready Cousins is. And he’s right. He’s going to be playing against 2nd teams in preseason and he’s going to light it up and there will be some drama. Shanahan tried to get too cute with Jay Cutler and he didn’t have much success and I think he’ll do the same with RGIII. And because of this, I think RGIII will have some early struggles and that’s when the drama begins.

  10. Matt Alkire says:

    Unless Brandon Boykin’s leg has fallen off, I want him at this pick. C’mon Eagles!

  11. Matt Alkire says:

    Great value in my opinion right now:

    Brandon Boykin, CB
    Ronnel Lewis, OLB – Doesn’t fit us
    Jared Crick, DT
    Chris Polk, RB
    Marvin Jones, WR
    Rishard Matthews, WR
    DeQuan Menzie, DB
    Ron Brooks, CB
    Cam Johnson, OLB – Doesn’t fit us
    Josh Norman, CB

    People like George Iloka, but I don’t and neither does Tommy.

  12. NFLGimpy says:

    My dream scenario right now is Boykin, Keenan Robinson, Nate Potter.

  13. Matt Alkire says:

    Well, the Redskins just killed one of your dreams.

  14. DF587 says:

    Do you think Cyrus Gray is an Eagles target?

  15. NFLGimpy says:

    Anyone else love JMJ to the Browns? Great backup at MLB, could push for time at OLB since they aren’t too strong there.

  16. Matt Alkire says:

    I think it would be wise for him to be DF

  17. Iggles_Phan says:

    Polk or Boykin?

  18. Matt Alkire says:


  19. NFLGimpy says:

    BOYKIN!!! YES!!!!

  20. Joe says:


  21. Joe says:

    Vinny Curry is elated about the Boykin pick!

  22. Iggles_Phan says:

    Good pick…

    Does this make the timing of the Foles pick not sting as much Matt?

  23. T_S_O_P says:

    Unbelievable draft.

  24. Steve says:

    People more excited about the Boykin pick than the Cox pick haha.

  25. Iggles_Phan says:

    Can Chris Polk last to the Eagles next pick?

  26. killdawabbit says:

    Good pick.

  27. ToastJenkins says:

    ok…can no longer complain about Foles…got the CB i wanted anyway

  28. DF587 says:

    What do you guys know Cody Pearcy? The Eagles had a visit with him. Casserly was talking about pre-draft as the fastest player in college football. Is he a receiver, PR, KR?

  29. Joe says:

    WRs I want
    Greg Childs
    Dale Moss
    Rishard Matthews
    Tommy Streeter

  30. ToastJenkins says:

    AR can go OL the rest of the draft for all i care. love this draft

    oh but get a tall TE

  31. NFLGimpy says:

    The amount of defensive talent we’ve added in this draft is incredible.

    Cox and Curry are instantly in the DL rotation.
    Kendricks could be penciled in at SLB.
    Boykin could be the starting slot CB.

    We literally added 4 players who will see extensive time as rookies if they pan out.

  32. Iggles_Phan says:

    I hate how well the Giants are drafting.

  33. ToastJenkins says:

    NFCE has added a shitload of talent this weekend….gonna be like the good ol days

  34. Iggles_Phan says:

    Hopefully it will be better than that… back then, all the other teams won the Super Bowl, while the Eagles never did. I’m tired of having to wait for “next year”. I want it to be “this year”!

  35. Iggles_Phan says:

    Can Polk last a few more picks? I think he’s a great #2 option at RB.

  36. Matt M says:

    I was really looking forward to hearing Andy Reid’s explanation on the Foles pick but he dodged it there with that joke. Totally agree with the analysis on this site, the Eagles have had a spectacular draft thus far (aside from the Foles pick). The Eagles are going to cause some headaches for opposing offenses with all those dynamic hybrid DE/OLBs.

  37. Matt Alkire says:

    The beautiful thing is typically we’re all sitting here saying “great D-Line and secondary”, BUT where is the beef in the middle. This year we have that beef in the middle.

    Mean midgets on the outside and the big man inside.

  38. Iggles_Phan says:

    Speaking of secondary… why is Iloka still sitting on the board? Is he considered “too big” or what?

  39. Matt Alkire says:

    Wouldn’t mind seeing…

    Chris Polk, RB
    Rishard Matthews, WR

  40. killdawabbit says:

    For some reason I’m thinking a developmental tackle would be a good pick here soon.

  41. ToastJenkins says:

    ok RB time

  42. Matt Alkire says:


    I personally think Iloka is a late rounder. Didn’t like the perceived value of him at all. I put him in the Top 100 projection, but don’t care for him.

    Thought he looked bad at the Combine. Not my cup of tea.

    If someone wants to take a flier on him here that’s fine, but I never saw the hype.

    • Iggles_Phan says:

      I’ve been watching him sit on Mayock’s list and heard Greg Cosell talking about him… It just seemed strange that two guys who study a ton of tape are so high on him, yet he is still sitting there.

  43. Iggles_Phan says:

    I think Polk is the best option, but Andy is probably going through some sort of withdraw trauma with not having selected an OL yet… A Todd Herremanns-type developmental guy makes sense, but its hard to predict those guys.

  44. Matt Alkire says:

    Only problem with taking Polk is he’s a workhorse type. Doesn’t really fit us. Of course, that hasn’t stopped us in the past.

    I do wonder if they take Iloka.

  45. Jyot says:

    Huge UW Husky fan over here. Apparently Polk has a degenerative shoulder issue, which has caused him to slip this far. Outside of his freshman year, he never missed any games because of it. Really sad to see him fall like this, he was an absolute baller.

  46. Matt Alkire says:

    Chris Greenwood was the kid I tweeted a few weeks ago that the Lions, Rams, Eagles, Patriots and Cowboys were really into. Detroit just took him. Good player.

  47. Matt Alkire says:

    This could be the tackle from Colorado too.

  48. Matt Alkire says:

    Senio to ‘Zona. Nice pick.

  49. Matt Alkire says:

    Danny Coale to the Cowboys. Eagles did have interest in him.

  50. Matt Alkire says:

    There’s your OT.

  51. ToastJenkins says:

    Tackle to groom. dont even care at this point. this draft class is great

  52. Iggles_Phan says:

    I like the idea of having a different style back to complement McCoy.

    Matt, what can you tell us about Dennis Kelly? doesn’t even show his height and weight.

  53. ToastJenkins says:

    Dave just said “even Lawlor, get him” lmao

  54. Matt Alkire says:

    That kid is enormous. 6-foot-8, 321 pounds. Pretty athletic too.

  55. Iggles_Phan says: has his height and weight. 6’8″! and 321lbs. I thought Mudd liked smaller OL. This guy doesn’t really fit that bill. He’s HUGE!

  56. Iggles_Phan says:

    WOW! He’s the skinniest 321 lb man I’ve ever seen!

  57. Iggles_Phan says:

    Dave just said that Mudd likes this kid. I defer to Howard. (Good thing our QB of the future is 6’5″, if this kid could develop into a starter.)

  58. NFLGimpy says:

    I’m willing to give Howard Mudd any OL he wants on the 3rd day of the draft after all of the defensive talent we added.

  59. ToastJenkins says:

    Foles seems to have his head on straight. going to be curious to see him at camp. with a year or two in the weight room, who knows…

  60. Iggles_Phan says:

    I’m willing to give Mudd any OL he wants, regardless of virtually anything else. He made Evan Mathis into a great OG, he turned a 6th round rookie into a solid C – and all of this without a full offseason to really work with these guys. Imagine what he could do with these guys with all the minicamps, etc.! The OL is something I have no concern about for this season – even with the loss of Peters. I think that Mudd has time to get everything tightened up.

  61. ToastJenkins says:

    Have to figure the Nickel backers will be Ryans and Kendricks, right?

    • Ryan says:

      Demeco didn’t do nickle because of the injury last year. Casey is still in that mix with Rolle and Chaney probably.

  62. Iggles_Phan says:

    I think Rolle will be there somewhere…

  63. Steve says:

    I think Mayock wants to hurt Eisen over this Tebow thing.

  64. Iggles_Phan says:


  65. ICDogg says:

    Austin Powers couldn’t have come up with a better bunch of team names than Dixon, Cox, and McNutt. When do we get Peters back?

  66. BigEFly says:

    Tommy, Matt,

    In the Blog we discussed Bryce Brown a bit, I know he was a HS phenom that kind of fell off the wall in college. (Sounds like a bit of a prima donna. Your thoughts?

  67. Jyot says:

    Eagles signed RB Chris Polk. I’m a student at UW and a huge Husky fan. I’ve seen some articles mention he has attitude problems…this is the first I’ve heard of any attitude problems from CP. He’s an awesome kid. Unfortunately he has shoulder issues (I’ve seen degenerative thrown around a couple different sites). He missed time his true freshman year, but after that, never again. He had shoulder surgery prior to this year, but he came back week one and had his most productive season. Also worth noting he’s UW’s 2nd leading rusher of all time, short of the top spot by a few yards, despite having played one less season than #1 (Napolean Kauffman).

    I hope he pans out. He’s a baller and an awesome kid.

  68. lonfident says:

    Rated #2 in the Huddle Report this year. Way to go guys!!

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