Eagles Day 2 Preview

The first round of the NFL Draft is in the books and for the Philadelphia Eagles, they go into the 2nd round having gotten their man on Thursday. As I reported in my preview the man to look for them to trade up for was Fletcher Cox and Howie Roseman made it happen.

What was so impressive about the trade was not only that they were so vigilant in their pursuit of the tenacious defensive lineman, but that Roseman was also able to stay patient – acting like a steely-eyed veteran general manager. When the Dallas Cowboys traded up via only one 2nd round pick I was already biting my nails like a prepubescent girl in line to meet Miley Cyrus. Still – Roseman waited as the board laid itself out in front of his eyes – one domino falling after the other. Of course, I continued to curse up a storm. Had I been in the driver’s seat, the Philadelphia Eagles would be without two picks on Friday.

Roseman struck right after Kansas City scooped up Dontari Poe — which coincidentally was the exact same time I took the bounty I had placed with one of my less scrupulous acquaintances off his head. The Eagles then struck and got into place before the Rams would have a chance to grab him at No. 14. It was brilliant to watch and at the same time, had me chewing on Toprol XL.

I expect tonight to be similar. There are still plenty of prospects on the board at positions that could really help the Birds and while the board unfolds, we’ll likely start seeing a run at wide receiver – helping Philly’s cause.

Names I’m watching for picks 46 and 51, in order by position that I think could be on the Eagles board/fit the team:

CB – Janoris Jenkins, Brandon Boykin

TE – Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen

OL – Amini Silatolu, Jeff Allen, Mitchell Schwartz

LB – Lavonte David, Bobby Wagner

DE – Vinny Curry

QB – Kirk Cousins

As stated before, I think the top targets will be Coby Fleener and Janoris Jenkins. The offensive line intrigues me. I don’t believe Cordy Glenn is at all what the Eagles are looking for, however Jonathan Martin or Mike Adams could be. I do think Amini Silatolu would fit the offense well after talking to Tommy Lawlor who has studied him much more than I have. Jeff Allen is a player I could definitely see them targeting.

If a player like Vinny Curry drops, aren’t you almost forced to take him? I think it’s unlikely that some of these names fall to the Birds, but if they see someone special – a 5th rounder could get them up a few picks to land a player like Fleener. What a red zone weapon he would be!

Overall, I think the modus operandi will just be staying patient and picking spots again today. If Fleener starts to drop in the second round because offensive lineman, corners and receivers start coming off the board – the Eagles should pounce.

My three best guesses on the picks – Coby Fleener, Janoris Jenkins, Jeff Allen

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8 Responses to Eagles Day 2 Preview

  1. Iggles_Phan says:

    I respect your opinion, but I’d like to see Isaiah Pead in the 3rd round. He’d be a valuable asset to this team on a variety of fronts, not the least of which is injury insurance to LeSean McCoy – but also in flipping field position in the return game much more than we got last year. As a returner, Pead can make an immediate impact, and provide the much needed depth at RB this team needs.

    Personally, my ideal 2nd day would be Lavonte David, Coby Fleener and Isaiah Pead.

    • chris says:

      Cyrus Gray would be better value than Pead, he may also be on Eagles radar

      • Iggles_Phan says:

        I freely admit that Pead is a pet prospect of mine… The Eagles have had so much success with players from Cincinnati, what’s the harm in bringing in another. If he works out as well as the other three, it would be a great move.

  2. Tfor3 says:

    Love the idea of getting Fleener, but I think the Colts may target him.

    However, if they do not, wouldn’t that be a little too much of a luxury pick with Celek coming off his second best season?

  3. Bob says:

    Just say no on Jenkins.

  4. EaglesFan290 says:

    I would tend to agree with Isaiah Pead , LaMichael James, or Joe Adams in the third the key is to get a return guy who can also be a #2 RB or Slot WR having one player that can do both or spread the return duties around.

  5. theg says:

    Janoris Jenkins yes and Jayron Hosley no?

    • theguyotc says:


      Anyway, not a fan of Hosley?

      I understand Jenkins may be more promising on the field, but off it? Doesn’t really seem like an Eagles guy.

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