Draft Day 2 – Chat

Go ahead and comment in here all.

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173 Responses to Draft Day 2 – Chat

  1. ToastJenkins says:


  2. Matt Alkire says:

    You are my hero Toast. Nice to see you in here tonight.

  3. ToastJenkins says:

    so….Lee Evans or RaShaun Woods?

  4. NFLGimpy says:

    I don’t understand why the Rams would take a guy who has virtually no chance at being a year 1 contributor at WR when they have garbage there right now.

    • ToastJenkins says:

      makes no sense. if you want to add a weapon there its logical. but get him Fleener or at least Randle or Hill

  5. ToastJenkins says:

    dont get the Quick choice there. I like it for the Eagles’ interest….but after a whole night to discuss it thats where you end up? kinda boggling moves from the Rams so far imho

  6. NFLGimpy says:

    Marvin “I would be in prison if I weren’t famous” Harrison.

    Coby goes to Colts. He and Luck have to be pumped.

  7. Matt Alkire says:


  8. ToastJenkins says:

    Fleener going to be soooooo over-drafted in fantasy this season

  9. NFLGimpy says:

    He looks waaay too skinny to be a TE.

  10. ToastJenkins says:

    i really despise, and yet admire, the way Newsome always seems to get great LB talent

  11. Matt Alkire says:

    My guy is still on the board for the Browns. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. ToastJenkins says:

    Love the pic of your daughter, Matt. mine is 3yo taking in her 4th draft with daddy

  13. Matt Alkire says:

    Stop crying about not being a 1st rounder Courtney. You don’t play like one.

  14. Matt Alkire says:

    Haha, thanks Toast. Mine was 1 last year, so she was too young to be up.

    • ToastJenkins says:

      eff that. priorities man ๐Ÿ™‚ granted mine has yet to make it to the end of Round 1 or 2/3. but at least she saw the Cox pick last night. got to see daddy being happy after she learned a few new choice words when Kuechly was picked.

    • NFLGimpy says:

      Thank god she must look like her mother. You get a DNA test on that? She’s adorable.

  15. NFLGimpy says:

    Happy Wolfe went that high and he wasn’t an eagles target since they got Cox.

  16. ToastJenkins says:

    Wolfe before Still?? didnt see that coming

  17. Matt Alkire says:

    Well, got my boy for the Browns. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. mcare says:

    Evening, fellas. Good to see you guys again. Couldn’t be around for last night’s festivities.

    I’m all in on Jenkins tonight, for the record.

  19. ToastJenkins says:

    Clev has to be thrilled Hill is there for them

  20. ToastJenkins says:

    Lombardi is so fuckin stupid….unlistenable

  21. Matt Alkire says:

    Well, I’ll take my Cleveland draft over there’s any day.

  22. Matt Alkire says:

    This board is falling sexy for the Birds.

  23. ToastJenkins says:

    could rams double up on WR?

  24. Rhinoddd50 says:

    I knew the Rams would take the risk on Jenkins. Fisher doesn’t care about character

  25. Iggles_Phan says:

    Lavonte David is my choice at #46.

  26. ToastJenkins says:

    rhino will smoke a blunt in mourning….

    kinda glad Eagles didnt get a chance to draft him, honestly. over/under on suspensions for Jenkins?

  27. ToastJenkins says:

    starting to fear a run on LBs…

  28. Matt Alkire says:

    I wonder if Carolina will go for Stephen Hill here to compliment Smith.

  29. Rhinoddd50 says:

    Jenkins was a huge risk. Loved the talent and would have taken the risk, but kinda glad I don’t have to worry about it anymore

  30. NFLGimpy says:

    I just unfollowed fduffy because he keeps RTing the picks.

  31. Matt Alkire says:

    Two straight guys I coveted for the Eagles.

    • Iggles_Phan says:

      Did you really think the Eagles would take the risk on Jenkins? Lots of risk there. I can’t remember an Andy Reid draft pick who matches that.

  32. Rhinoddd50 says:

    Yay Carolina! You helped us twice!

  33. mcare says:

    Polian said there was gonna be a run on the OL, and it’s looking like he was dead on there. Let’s keep it going.

    • NFLGimpy says:

      Ugh, if you’re on twitter you know how right Polian is. I know the next 2 picks because jagoffs keep RTing.

      • mcare says:

        Yeah, it was getting brutal, I switched to Tweetdeck and filtered out “@JasonLaCanfora”, so hopefully that helps.

  34. Matt Alkire says:

    Yeah Gimp – You’re about the 10th person to say something. May be part of his job though.

    • NFLGimpy says:

      Yeah, I didn’t say anything to him. He wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t required to, so I didn’t say anything to him. he knows I’ve got nothing but love for him.

  35. NFLGimpy says:

    Cordy Glenn-day 1 starter for Buffalo.

    • Iggles_Phan says:

      They usually use 7th rounders or UDFAs at LT (just before they come to Philly), so Glenn must be going to the right side.

  36. Matt Alkire says:

    Nix absolutely loves the SEC. It’s incredible.

  37. ToastJenkins says:

    jets come up?….dont be an LB

  38. ToastJenkins says:

    oh yeah duh…jets are getting their WR

  39. Iggles_Phan says:

    Looking good for the Birds right now, except for the Jets sitting there…

  40. Matt Alkire says:

    Jets are coming up for Stephen Hill. I’m pretty confident in this.

  41. Matt Alkire says:

    Yep, Lombardi just said it. They were on him like crazy before the draft and word is they had a 1st round grade on him.

  42. Rhinoddd50 says:

    Matt, did you see Hill as a possibility for the Eagles at #46?

  43. Joe says:


  44. Matt Alkire says:

    Wow, Ryan. Been a year or so.

    I was really wondering if they’d look at him after not getting Fleener – yes.

  45. Matt Alkire says:

    On the Eagles, I’m really thinking Lavonte David or Bobby Wagner guys.

  46. ToastJenkins says:

    how about Randle as an Eagle? kinda surprised he’s still on the board…but do they dare pass on LB or corner?

  47. Matt Alkire says:

    Brandon Boykin and Dwayne Allen too.

  48. mcare says:

    Chicago just slid in at 45. Who do they want that we want? David?

  49. NFLGimpy says:

    Yes, I’m an awful hater who is thoroughly enjoying Devon Still sitting in the green room. I hate PSU.

  50. ToastJenkins says:

    hmmm…not sure who Bears are after

  51. Matt Alkire says:

    Bears could see Mike Adams there, Kelechi Osemele there, Peter Konz there…

  52. Rhinoddd50 says:

    The Bears did this to us last year too. I think this is like the 3rd time they have done this to us in the last 5 years

  53. Iggles_Phan says:

    If they go OL, I’m ok with it. I want David.

  54. ToastJenkins says:

    maybe bears feared us taking Randle?

  55. Matt Alkire says:

    Again, I don’t think it’s us. I think it’s OL. Mike Adams, Osemele, Konz or long shot Bobby Massie

  56. Joe says:

    bears jumped us for a guy I didnt want.

  57. ToastJenkins says:

    Kendricks to the Birds

  58. NFLGimpy says:

    Tommy says we’re in for a shocker.

  59. Rhinoddd50 says:

    I actually think Adams would be a solid pick at #46. I don’t want an OT, but he could also be the guy Howie was talking about when he talked about overlooking some minor character concerns.

  60. NFLGimpy says:

    Damnit, eaglesinsider tweeted the pick, but I love the pick.

  61. Matt Alkire says:

    Wow, Alshon? Ugly pick.

  62. NFLGimpy says:

    NFL teams do not like Randle…damn.

  63. ToastJenkins says:

    i have Eagles Live open in other window sorry i blurted it

    • NFLGimpy says:

      Tommy tweeted it too. Kendricks is a great LB prospect, but not at SAM, only MIKE or WIL. I guess they want Kendricks as WIL competition and backup MIKE.

  64. Matt Alkire says:

    This is why I’m not on Twitter Gimpy. I don’t want to know and I don’t want people bringing it in here. (Thank you for not doing so)

  65. NFLGimpy says:

    BWest on the stage. Only a Pitt guy could make me wish he wasn’t still our starter.

  66. Matt Alkire says:

    Not sure how I feel about Kendricks at SAM. Have to think about it. Initial reaction is confused, that’s for sure.

  67. NFLGimpy says:

    Spads says Kendricks is here to compete for SAM. He’s on 5’11 but hey, if the height doesn’t hurt him too much he’s a great player.

    • Iggles_Phan says:

      So, what does that mean for Chaney? Does he go to WIL? I’d rather Chaney go back to SAM and let him settle in to a position.

  68. ToastJenkins says:

    think i would have preferred Wagner, but hard to argue with MK’s athletic ability. just happy to be adding more talent to the LB pool. can probably start in nickel set day 1

  69. Iggles_Phan says:

    So who will it be at #51?

  70. ToastJenkins says:

    and there goes Wagner….

    graham v JPP 2.0 at LB here…

  71. Matt Alkire says:

    Well, there’s one of the two guys I’d have preferred to the Seahawks.

  72. NFLGimpy says:

    Sidelineview says don’t worry about height.

    The Sideline View โ€ @SidelineFB Reply Retweet Favorite ยท Open
    @NFLGimpy He’s played OLB in a 3-4 before… I’m not worried about size. He is a football player. He’ll replace DeMeco soon.

  73. ToastJenkins says:

    well at least we’ve maintained some aspect of our midget D philosophy….

  74. Matt Alkire says:

    51 worries me.

  75. Iggles_Phan says:

    Crazy thought, could Spads have slipped out some information unintentionally? Could the Eagles be looking for David at #51 to put him at WIL and Hendricks at SAM?

  76. Matt Alkire says:

    No Iggles_Phan

  77. Iggles_Phan says:

    Like I said… crazy thought.

  78. NFLGimpy says:

    Tommy says a possible shocker at 51 too. That rules out Boykin. I’m not shocked by Kendricks at all truthfully.

  79. Iggles_Phan says:

    Shocker at #51? A QB?

  80. Matt Alkire says:

    Yeah, I’m not stealing Tommy’s thunder, but I really hope it doesn’t happen.

  81. Rhinoddd50 says:

    Do you guys want to know the name that Geoff Moesher tweeted?

  82. Rhinoddd50 says:

    I sure hope Moesher is wrong

  83. Iggles_Phan says:


  84. Matt Alkire says:

    No Ryan. Not on here. Seriously please.

  85. Joe says:

    I dont understand this if Moesher is right. Why? Where does he play?

  86. NFLGimpy says:

    And we’re back!

  87. Anders says:

    Now that we are back. Targets for the Eagles in the 3rd round?

  88. mcare says:

    Now that the punter is off the board, I think we should trade back.

  89. Joe says:

    Might be time to grab Boykin in round 3.
    Sanu is still out there though. Somewhat surprising, and I know Kendricks is here to compete at SAM, but if Keenan Robinson is the BPA, let Kendricks play WILL.

  90. ToastJenkins says:

    woot. you guys need me to send some cash for this place or what?

  91. ToastJenkins says:

    Robinson would be fine, but hard to ignore the need for nickel corner…

  92. Matt Alkire says:

    Of course we do Toast. Everyone needs to send cash.

  93. Matt Alkire says:

    Finally, teams are back on my Top 100. There were 5 straight picks off my board.

    Want a high score here.

  94. Joe M says:

    What’s with the Massie fall?

  95. Joe says:

    I wouldnt feel we are ignoring nickel corner just by passing on Boykin. There are other nickel CBs out there. But I have been of the opinion that Robinson is the perfect fit at SAM for us for a long time now.
    To get my top SAM prospect, and then still wind up with Ron Brooks at nickel… would be spectacular.

    • ToastJenkins says:

      agree with that but i doubt Brooks lasts to our 4th.

      take Robinson for SAM and let MK play WIL…thats a complete rebuild of the LB corp

  96. Matt Alkire says:

    You’re worried about Massie? What’s with the Lamar Miller fall?

  97. ToastJenkins says:

    darn….Egnew gone. was hoping for him in the 4th

  98. Matt Alkire says:

    If I’m Cincinnati, I’m running the pick to the stage for Miller.

  99. ToastJenkins says:

    odds we look at an RB here?

    • NFLGimpy says:

      Outside of Lamar Miller, I don’t see a RB on the board that can give us more in 2012 than Justin Forsett. Shady is obviously the #1 guy, Dion can be a good long term backup, just need a guy for this year.

  100. ToastJenkins says:

    I keep coming back to CB here. kinda bummed Egnew went…Sanu here as the darkhorse?

  101. ToastJenkins says:

    Sanu to Bengals scratch that

  102. NFLGimpy says:

    What’s wrong with Lamar Miller that we don’t know?

  103. ToastJenkins says:

    this better not be friggen Cousins…

  104. NFLGimpy says:

    Russell Wilson’s wife is screwing her husband with her eyes so hard. She can’t wait to go shopping so she can try and look as hot as Tannehill’s wife.

  105. tfor3 says:

    All i will say about Wilson’s wife is my first impression was “wow his mom is smokin”
    Take that as you will

  106. Joe says:

    Ike Reese is saying QB. I really dont want any QBs left in this draft.

  107. NFLGimpy says:

    Well, Boykin is on the board…

  108. ToastJenkins says:

    Foles…..at least it wasnt Cousins

  109. NFLGimpy says:

    Holy crap they took Foles.

  110. Joe says:

    yay! another backup QB!

  111. Matt Alkire says:

    I had us taking him at 172 and an actual NFL Scout told me it was TOO HIGH.

  112. ToastJenkins says:

    well i cant get too pissed off. big kid with a huge arm. luxury of sitting and learning for a year or two

    i had said if they were going to take a QB i would have preferred Foles out of the options, but this seems too early

  113. NFLGimpy says:

    I assume eagles think Hughes or Marsh can play slot in 2012.

  114. Joe says:

    there were still some players who could actually make an impact on defense this year imo. Would rather immediate impact in round 3 rather than a backup QB.
    I wouldnt even say Foles makes an impact as a backup QB this year either because I bet Kafka holds on to the #2 job for at least this year.

    To be honest, not that I ever thought he would become a franchise QB, but the last QB I wanted in this draft was Russell Wilson. With him gone, I didnt want anyone.

  115. Matt Alkire says:

    Toast – Huge arm? I like Nick Foles, but he has a mediocre arm, maybe average. Constantly underthrows the deep ball. Constantly. Watched 5 games of him and it was the worst thing about him.

    • ToastJenkins says:

      huge was a poor choice of word. good arm would have been more accurate.

      cut me some slack i’m into my third tall glass of scotch at this point

  116. Matt Alkire says:

    Gimpy – You picking for the Bengals?

  117. ToastJenkins says:

    Giants take Hosley….annoying

  118. Joe says:

    tomorrow give me Boykin or Brooks, Dale Moss or Greg Childs, Devon Wyllie, Ladarius Green, Janzen Jackson, Marcus Dowtin.

  119. Joe says:

    Ill tell you, our CBs better be ready to tackle those Giants WRs. We already know about Nicks and Cruz. Randle is another WR that refuses to go down.

  120. Matt Alkire says:

    Ah, you didn’t tag me Gimp. I didn’t get any of your tweets. LOL.

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