Quickie Eagles’ Draft Preview

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Since Tommy and I can post only one mock draft a piece one of the things I felt might be of interest would be to slice up some different scenarios that could go down over the next three days. This is a series of change ups if you will – the mixed bags that I feel the Philadelphia Eagles could deliver their fans and some players that could be inside those containers of joy.

First of all, let’s kick it off with the mock draft I posted for the Eagles.

15. Luke Kuechly, LB Boston College
46. Derek Wolfe, DT Cincinnati
51. Dwayne Allen, TE Clemson
88. Ron Brooks, CB LSU
114. Jake Bequette, DE Arkansas
153. Devon Wylie, WR Fresno State
172. Nick Foles, QB Arizona
194. Jordan Bernstine, FS Iowa
200. Winston Guy, SS Kentucky
229. Gino Gradkowski, OG Delaware

Now, here are some things I think could happen…

Two 1st Round Trade Ups – Super Aggressive

I see this as highly unlikely, but I have to throw it out there.

I believe the Eagles top priority and target is Fletcher Cox and if they want him, they’ll have to move all the way to 5th overall to get him. I’ve heard from sources that the Chiefs and Cowboys could also be interested in doing this.

Howie Roseman has a few obstacles in front of him here. One, if Trent Richardson falls to Tampa Bay I don’t see Schiano passing on him. Two, I believe the Cowboys could break the bank to make a splash (see Jerry Jones’ comments about how they need to become a Super Bowl team like the Giants by building the DLine). Three, Tampa may not want to trade all the way back to 15.

The cost? I would think 15, 46, a 4th and a 3rd rounder in 2013 would do it.

Also, I have a feeling tight end Coby Fleener is another player they’d love to have as a red zone weapon, player to spread the field and go-to guy over the middle for Michael Vick. A package of their 2nd, a 4th rounder and future picks could get them into the late 1st with someone like New England who they trade with every year.

Again, seeing both of these things happen would really mortgage the future a bit, so it’s highly unlikely.

1st Round Trade Up

While it seems like a lot for one player, I think it could happen.

See Paragraph One

Now, with our remaining second rounder, here you go…

At tight end there is Coby Fleener again, but he’ll be off the board. At that point the other tight end of interest may become Dwayne Allen from Clemson. While Janoris Jenkins has a troubled past, he is an extremely talented player that I believe the Eagles would be taking a look at. Lavonte David is the third name that definitely comes to mind at outside linebacker. Bobby Wagner is another name I like there.

1st Round Stay Put

My guess in order would really be Luke Kuechly and then Michael Brockers.

Cox will definitely be off the board at this point. While I think Dontari Poe would definitely catch Jim Washburn’s interest, I don’t see the organization as a whole being taken in by him. While we’re on the subject of defensive tackles though – Pete Jenkins does have connections to the Eagles and LSU and Michael Brockers could be a player of interest.

In my opinion, Luke Kuechly would have to be a player you take a long look at if he’s on the board at 15 regardless of whether or not he’s played SAM before. I understand the Eagles have not drafted linebackers high under Andy Reid, but this could be the year if the Boston College product is there.

Some hypothesize that Ryan Tannehill could fall in the draft if Miami doesn’t select him. I don’t buy it, but if he does I would expect the Birds to take him or at least heavily consider it.

Last, but not least there is Quinton Coples from North Carolina. He’s a player I’m back and forth on as to whether the Eagles would even be interested. Then that voice in the back of my head tells me he’s a highly athletic, 6-foot-6, 284-pound defensive end and I realize they probably would be. Coples might have some rust on him, but if you give a fuming Ferrari to a great mechanic they can have it smoking again. Jim Washburn could make him into a star.

1st Round Trade Back

If all of those players are off the board this is where I would expect the Eagles to trade back and it would be for Coby Fleener. I don’t envision this happening.

Non-Defensive Tackle 1st Round Pick

Now, if the Eagles do get something other than a defensive tackle in the 1st Round one player I expect them to target in the 2nd round is Cincinnati defensive tackle Derek Wolfe. He’s a very disruptive three-technique guy who had 21.5 tackles for loss as a senior for the Bearcats and would fit the Eagles’ style of play.

They would then be free to address whatever other position they felt necessary.

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