Matt’s Final Mock

Now posted on the Mock Draft page.  Make sure to check it out and make fun of all the picks that were different than mine.  Unless he gets them right.

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3 Responses to Matt’s Final Mock

  1. Arby says:

    re: Matt’s final mock
    I am officially changing my mock to accomodate Jordan Bernstine FS who I totally forgot about. Sorry Nate Potter.

  2. Joe says:

    I asked you a few times on the EMB what you thought about Ron Brooks and I never saw an answer.
    I take this to mean that you like him! Glad to see we’re on the same page with this guy. I love this mock for the eagles. Kuechly, Brooks, Wyllie…awesome.

  3. Matt Alkire says:

    Joe – I answered you bro. Go back and look. Unless I posted it and it didn’t come through. I’ll do it again here…

    I like Ron a lot. Very good nickle corner. I think he fits a niche that really fits what the Eagles could be looking for. My only concern with that pick is whether or not they’re looking for a guy that could eventually kick outside as I don’t know if Ron is suited for it or not. We’ll see. If my post didn’t actually post to the EMB, sorry about that. That site can be mean.

    Arby – Following me into war on mock drafts is a scary proposition. Call me Custer.

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