Draft Notes – What’s the Deal with Kalil?

There is a lot of buzz right now about the Vikings either taking someone other than Matt Kalil or possibly trading back. What is going on? Isn’t Kalil exactly what they need?

Here’s the deal. I think the Vikings love Matt Kalil and see him as an elite LT prospect. That said, the Vikings need more than just a LT to get things turned around. The Browns have Joe Thomas. The Dolphins have Jake Long. Anyone jealous of those teams? I think the Vikings are hoping that some team wants pick #3 and will pay a good price to get it. If the Vikings could add a 2nd rounder and maybe a mid-round pick as well, that would really help them out.

The Vikings are talking up a lot of prospects so that the teams after them will think about trading up. If the Browns covet Justin Blackmon, you pressure them by talking about him. If the Bucs covet Morris Claiborne, you pressure them by talking about him. And so on.

If the Vikings stay put at #3 and pass on Kalil, I’ll be highly surprised. I’m still a believer that you get a stud LT if you have the chance to. The counter argument is for them to get Claiborne. MIN plays in a division loaded with QBs and stud WRs. The Vikings secondary is a mess right now. Adding an elite corner would make a lot of sense.

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One player generating a ton of positive buzz right now is CB Stephon Gilmore. I’m not really sure where this all started. Gilmore has an excellent combination of size and athleticism. He had a good season and then was great at the Combine. I don’t think he has great cover skills. Mike Mayock loves him and thinks he should be a Top 10 pick. Greg Cosell thinks Gilmore is the top CB in the draft. I respect both guys a lot, but simply don’t agree with them.¬†¬†

It will be interesting to see where Gimore goes on Thursday. Is he Top 10? If not, he won’t last too much longer.

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The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel does a terrific job of covering the Packers and NFL in general. Bob McGinn has a terrific series of draft previews up. He gets a ton of quotes from NFL scouts. I do have to caution you. You can get some wild things from scouts. You can find a harsh quote from a scout on every prospect in history. And some of the quotes are pretty odd. Still, lots of fun to read the previews.

You’ll have to go to the sports section and look them up.

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The Chiefs restructured the deal of DE Tyson Jackson. He now could be cut prior to 2013. Glenn Dorsey is a free agent after the 2012 season. You have to wonder if this means that the Chiefs will go hard after Fletcher Cox or Michael Brockers to play DE. Cox is by far the better pass rusher, but Brockers is bigger. I also think the Chiefs are the one early team that could roll the dice on Dontari Poe, as a DE or NT.

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Speaking of Poe…there suddenly is a cry about how mediocre his game tape is. His tape has been average all year. You don’t draft this kid because of what he has accomplished. You draft him because of his special potential.

If the guy played up to his ability, he’d be picked in the Top 5. He does have great upside. He’s also a huge risk, because he might never fulfill that promise. The thing you have to keep in mind is that we’re not talking about a typical workout warrior. OT Bruce Campbell lit up the Combine a couple of years back, but had mediocre tape. He slid to the middle of the draft. The difference is that Campbell didn’t do anything rare. He was simply an athletic OL.

Put on the Poe tape and you see rare movement skills. Rare. 345-pound guys simply don’t move like that. He truly is a dancing bear. He lit up the Combine with size, speed, strength, and agility. If you have a good enough DL coach and think Poe fits your scheme, you have to seriously consider taking him. If the coach can motivate him and the light goes on for Poe, he could be a special player.

The team who takes Poe has to deal with him as a special prospect. He needs a lot of work. He needs time to develop. The coaching staff has to figure out how to push his buttons. Graig Nettles used to say that there were 2 types of players…those that you kick in the butt and those that you pat on the butt. You cannot draft Poe unless the DL coach and defensive coordinator are on board and then everyone needs to figure out how to deal with him. That’s a lot of trouble for a player, but Poe has that kind of talent and potential.

If you force Poe into an awkward situation, he will be every bit the bust that his critics say. I’m not cheering for or against him. I’m just fascinated by Poe. Where will he go? Where will they play him? How does Poe do? Can’t wait to find out.

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Sorry I’ve been quiet recently. Working hard on prospect profiles and adjusting the rankings.

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4 Responses to Draft Notes – What’s the Deal with Kalil?

  1. Nathan says:

    I agree with the Vikings trying to move back a few spots, picking up a couple of extra picks, and still getting Kalil. Does Kalil have Joe Thomas/Jake Long ability/potential, or is he below those guys?

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  3. Arby says:

    The Vikings sure waited long enough before acting uncertain of their pick, didn’t they? Why not wait all the way till draft day if you’ve waited this long?! Kinda silly, really. If they wanted to extract another pick from someone at the top of the draft, they should of started this campaign a month ago. Minnesota, I am officially applying for the job of GM. Sheesh!

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