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Quick stuff today…

Texas A&M has a pair of talented Senior CBs.  Coryell Judie missed a lot of time due to injury and then had a strange Combine showing.  He ran in the upper 4.4s, which is plenty fast.  His SS and 3-cone times were terrible for a guy who is 194 pounds.

Terrence Frederick lit it up in Indy.  He’s 5-10, 187 and ran in the mid-4.5s, which is only okay.  He was exceptionally good in the SS and 3-cone drills.  That kind of quickness and agility shows up on tape.  Gifted athlete.  Played in the slot on a regular basis for A&M and NFL teams could like him there.  Frederick finished his career with 22 TFLs so you know he can tackle and play the run.  Also had 30 PBUs.  Probably a 5th round guy, but could be a good role player.

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CB Asa Jackson from Cal-Poly “only” had 8 career INTs.  Good total, but hardly special.  What he did once he made the catch did stand out.  Jackson had 5 returns of at least 46 yards.  He took one back 100 yards for a TD.  3 of the 8 picks were run back for scores.  Impressive I-AA player.

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Mike Mayock isn’t a fan of DE Quinton Coples.  Mike said on Path To The Draft that he would not take Coples in the 1st round.  Wow.  That’s strong stuff from Mayock.  I doubt 32 NFL teams would agree with him, but it does make you wonder if Coples will slide a bit.

Mayock’s big complaint with Coples is the lack of good Senior tape.  Coples was very good in 2010, but just pedestrian as a Senior.  He did have a strong showing at the Senior Bowl, but history is littered with guys who looked good in Mobile after a down regular season and then flamed out in the NFL.

I think Mayock is being a bit overly harsh.  Coples was out of position at RDE in 2011.  He’s just not an explosive guy.  Put him at LDE and he looks much more natural.  I do agree that I’d have a hard time spending an early pick on the guy.  Still, it would hard to pass on 6-6, 284 DEs that have good natural ability.  Those guys aren’t available in every draft.  Also factor in that UNC didn’t have coach Butch Davis in 2011 and the program went through a very strange season.

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Clemson TE Dwayne Allen confuses me.  On tape, he’s terrific.  Can play TE, H-back, or slot receiver.  Great hands.  Athletic.  Good production.

Then he goes to the Combine and runs 4.89.  VJ is only 32.  TE is a spot where you need to be athletic.  His workout numbers are actually pretty close to Eagles TE Brent Celek’s (and both were 255 pounds) so it isn’t like Allen is awful.  Point is … do you draft him in the 2nd round?  His game tape is really good.  I don’t want to overlook that.

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I’ve been a fan of TE Michael Egnew since at least the Senior Bowl.  He had a great workout in Indy.  Ran the 40 in .27 seconds faster than Allen.  Almost out-jumped him by 2 feet in the broad jump (21 inches).  And Egnew is a very good pass catcher.  I wonder how many teams could have Egnew ahead of Allen or Orson Charles?

Oklahoma TE James Hanna had a great workout in Indy and flashed on game tape, but he’s more of a project.

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  2. Jyot says:

    Can you speak on Egnew’s drop in production from 2010 to 2011? He went from 90 catches down to 50, and it looks like he was healthy every game in 2011.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      QB play. Blaine Gabbert might have struggled in JAX, but he was very good at Mizzou. James Franklin replaced him in 2011 and was different. The Tigers actually ran more. Finished 9th in the nation in rushing, 64th in passing. Franklin is a good runner.

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