QB Russell Wilson

I love RG3 and Andrew Luck.  Elite prospects.  Ryan Tannehill is a notch below, but still very good.  After that…major drop.  People love to ask me about Weeden, Cousins, Osweiler and Russell Wilson.  Each guy has potential, but also serious concerns.

Wilson is a guy that I liked quite a bit during the season.  The more tape I study, the more I see his flaws.  Someone recently posted a video of him on YouTube that you can check out to see for yourself.  Russell Wilson vs Ohio State.

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I have mentioned a few times that I question Wilson’s ability to be a functional pocket passer.  People think I’m a little nuts since the guy is coming off a great season.  Watch the video and you’ll see some of what I’m talking about.  

UW moved him out of the pocket a lot.  When in there, they did a lot of quick, 1-read stuff.  Wilson would fake to the RB and then throw a quick pass to a WR on a slant or to the FB in the flat.  Wilson did a good job with this stuff.

What I haven’t seen from him with any consistency is the ability to drop back, set, read, find the open receiver, and get him the ball.  That’s how you play QB in the NFL.  Ron Jaworski loves to talk about how QBs have to process information instantly.  This is where I think Wilson struggles.  It isn’t a question of intelligence.  This is about speed.  A smart guy can dominate at chess, but lose to a little kid while playing Guitar Hero.

A QB must see the field and instantly know who to get the ball to and where exactly it needs to go.  In the video there are at least 2 throws to Montee Ball that are behind him.  One is caught, one not.  The first pass was almost picked off.  Throwing behind a wide open RB over the middle isn’t good.  The worst pass to me is at the 4:41 mark of the video.  UW is in the Red Zone.  Wilson has a wide open WR on 3rd/4 on the right side.  Wilson makes a sloppy/lazy throw and the receiver has to make a terrific catch to save the play.  That should have been an easy throw.  Instead Wilson lobbed the ball out there and almost blew a critical play at a time when his team was down 10 points.  Can’t have stuff like that.  There are also several plays where Wilson forces the ball into coverage.  He’s lucky he had such talented WRs.

I think Wilson could be good in the right system, but as Greg Cosell likes to say, he must be manipulated by the offensive scheme.  Pete Carroll likes his QBs to do a lot with bootlegs and play-action passes.  Ditto that for Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak.  It would be interesting to see if Shanahan would take Wilson in the middle rounds after grabbing RG3 up high.  You do need multiple QBs in today’s league.  So few guys play 16 games anymore.

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Sorry for my lack of draft posts recently.  I’ve been working on profiles.  The good news is that the rankings / profiles are now working.

Here is the profile for Russell Wilson.

Here is the Rankings page.

We’ve got Top 5 at each position.  Top 10 at some.  We’ll be adding each day.  Takes time so bear with us.

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7 Responses to QB Russell Wilson

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  2. maryam says:

    I don’t know who this person is that gave his scouting report on Russell Wilson but it is one of the dumbest assessments I have read.
    After 3 years, compare Wilson’s EFFICIENCY stats against the other listed and it’s not even close how far Wilson is ahead of those guys.
    In fact, Luck rates ahead of Wilson in VOLUME stats like passing yards (he does play INDOORS) and TDs but his overall stats are far inferior for a guy drafted 74 spots higher.
    Luck’s stats shows he nothing more than a glorified Matthew Stafford, stats that look good against weaker competition and nothing that makes his team a legitimate title contender.

  3. maryam says:

    The job of a QB is to move the chains, lead his team to points, make big plays, make smart plays and put his team in position to win games.
    Russell Wilson does those things as well as any starting QB in the NFL.
    You need a pass, he does it.
    You need a run, he does it.
    You need a block, a reception or a play to motivate and encourage teammates-he’s done them all.
    Show me where the QB requirements say all your plays must come from the pocket (where’s he’s 7th on average the past three seasons).

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