Draft Thoughts

Let’s talk about some players and things going on in the draft world.

* Oklahoma LB Travis Lewis is a player I have written about more than a few times.  During the year OU had him listed at 6-2, 228.  He then showed up at the Combine at 6-1, 246.  I had projected him as an OLB for most of the year, but switched that to ILB.  In Indy Lewis ran 4.88.  He lifted and jumped well, but that was slow.  Lewis helped himself with a good showing at his Pro Day.  He ran 4.78.  He had a 3-cone time of 7.27 and a SS time of 4.22.  Those aren’t ideal numbers, but they’re okay.  Lewis could be a good pick in the 4th round.  I think he can be a starting MLB in the NFL.

* Pro Days are weird. They mean different things to different players.  The media is all excited by RG3 and Andrew Luck having good Pro Days this week.  That just doesn’t mean much to me.  QBs throwing the ball in a scripted workout with no defenders doesn’t tell me much.  If a guy struggles, that tells me something, but that’s about it.

I do like to see players who improve on times/results from the Combine.  Guys like Kendall Wright and Mohamed Sanu helped themselves by running better at their Pro Day.

Obviously Pro Days are huge for guys not invited to the Combine and/or guys who were injured and unable to work out.

Do be careful at the hype that comes with Pro Day workouts.  A great showing can help a player who has good game tape, but if the player doesn’t have the game tape to back up his athleticism…the workout is going to raise as many questions as it answers.

* Normally I’m not a fan of Missouri TEs, but Michael Egnew is a guy I like.  He has good size at 6-5, 252.  He is a gifted pass catcher.  Solid athlete.  At the Senior Bowl he showed some potential as a blocker.  That’s the area where Missouri guys tend to struggle since they play mostly in space at Mizzou.  This isn’t a great TE class, to put it mildly, but Egnew is one guy who should be of interest.

* One player that I’m not a fan of is Ohio State C Michael Brewster’s.  The more tape I watched, the lesss I liked him.  Mid-round type target.  Not a mauler.  Not an athlete.  And too unpolished for a guy that started at OSU for 4 years.

* It will be interesting to see if DE/LB Bruce Irvin’s recent arrest will have a major effect on his value or not.  He broke a sign inside a Jimmy John’s.  Knucklehead move.  Not a big deal, but with his past…that could bother some teams.

It does bother me when guys get into trouble as the draft approaches.  Be on your best behavior.  A dumb move will cost you thousands of dollars, potentially millions.  Dumb.

* There continues to be a lot of disagreement in the draft world about DT Michael Brockers.  I think some people overrate him because they see him as some athletic guy who can do special things.  I sure keep reading about Brockers athleticism, but I don’t see it.  I see a big guy who is a good 2-gap DT and run stuffer.  I don’t see a pass rusher.  I don’t see a guy who will regularly get penetration and be disruptive.  If you want someone to eat blocks and protect your LBs, Brockers is the guy.  The Saints just paid Brodrick Bunkley a lot of money to do that for them.  You wonder if the Carolina Panthers could want Brockers to protect their LBs, who can’t seem to stay healthy.  Best way to keep Jon Beason upright is to protect him.

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3 Responses to Draft Thoughts

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  2. Average_Joseph says:

    What do you think of drafting Bruce Irvin to play SAM with our second #2 or trading up in the third round to get him?

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      I don’t think Bruce is meant to play SAM. Major project. Needs to be a pass rusher. Finesse player who must show he can be a functional run defender, whether at DE or SAM.

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