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Last night I wrote about players who I thought hurt themselves a bit, however after Day 2 I wanted to set aside some time to talk about quite a few players. By the time I’m done this, Tommy may or may not have posted his opinion of the day’s events. We may differ on some things which is natural.

I’m just speaking on some receivers here. I hope to get to running backs tomorrow.

Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma State – While I hate to start at the top so to speak, Blackmon was dazzling and should have cemented himself as the top receiver. During the initial gauntlet drill – which he completely brilliantly – he was noticeably wincing. Obviously his hamstring is bothering him as he continued to grimace throughout the drills, but was nearly the epitome of perfection. Great hands, sharp cuts on routes, great stems … just an outstanding day.

Travis Benjamin, WR Miami
– Sorry, it’s not all going to be high-profile kids. I thought Travis had a really nice day after his initial gauntlet run which was pretty rough. The Hurricane looked very, very quick out of his cuts on routes and was sharp. He displayed good speed and consistent hands. Unfortunately at 5-foot-10, 172 pounds and with only 40 catches this past season I’m not sure he’s anything more than a late-round pick.

LaVon Brazill, WR Ohio
– Looked really good in both gauntlet runs and has really quick feet. Solid cuts at the cones running routes and then did well adjusting to the ball on location drills. His hands were consistent throughout. I’ve yet to see Brazill play this season, so hopefully I can get some film. He is a kick returner and was a nice deep threat for the Bobcats though, so teams have something to work with in terms of a draft pick here.    

Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame – Floyd looked outstanding today. On both of his gauntlet runs he stayed in a straight line and also caught some low and high balls in stride. He was adjusting well and catching the ball away from his body (something he doesn’t always do) in drills as well. You did see some physical limitations from him while running routes as he has to take some extra steps cutting, but we’re talking about a 6-foot-3, 220-pound kid here.

Stephen Hill, WR Georgia Tech – I’m drinking the Kool-Aid and taking a big gulp of it after watching Hill today. We’ll get back to that in a minute. After catching 28 passes all season, Hill caught every single pass thrown to him today, looked brilliant in the gauntlet and made one or two circus catches adjusting. He ran a 4.36 40-yard dash at 6-foot-4, 215 pounds and boasts a 39.5-inch vertical leap. Yes, he’s a bit slow out of his breaks. Also, we don’t know if he can learn a pro-style offense. At this point, he’s basically running a high school offense. That means his upside could be huge or none at all. Where I start drinking the Kool-Aid is when I’m a team at the end of the 1st Round in need of a WR. I’m willing to take the risk on him. That’s just my value board, so make your own decisions on Hill.

Mohamed Sanu, WR Rutgers – I’ve heard many times from the NFL Network crew, ESPN and now printed on NFL.com that Sanu was a “heralded recruit”. No, he wasn’t. Mo was a bit of a sleeper and was recruited as an athlete. He was a very talented safety in high school. I bring this up because there were some surprised people when he only ran a 4.67 today. I figured he’d be in the high 4.5 range, so this was a bit high, but not completely unexpected. Sanu looked like a man out there. He was rocked up and while he doesn’t have natural hands, he did a nice job of catching the ball for the most part. I was a bit surprised that he looked slow out of his breaks. He’s normally a quick, but not fast player. I think this will definitely put Sanu into the 2nd Round, however keep in mind you’re getting a really tough and versatile player here that comes from a pro-style offense. Don’t get down on him because of a 40-yard dash time.

Greg Childs, WR Arkansas – I don’t know if Charles Davis got caught up in the moment of Joe Adams and Jarius Wright not running times up to expectations or what, but he said “he would bet Childs has a better NFL career than both of them”. This was after Childs had two horrific gauntlet runs, had dropped nearly every ball thrown to him and was rounding out routes so badly that he still looks badly injured. Greg has great size and was once very promising, so a team might want to stash him on the practice squad. He showed nothing at the Combine of value other than his frame.

Chris Givens, WR Wake Forest – Flew through the 40-yard dash at 4.40 and then looked solid during the drills. Has a solid, 5-foot-11, 200-pound frame to work with at this point. Didn’t look like he had natural hands, but did catch the ball well. I’ll say I wasn’t blown away, but he did do well.

Tommy Streeter, WR Miami – Call me old fashioned, but Streeter literally had me livid. Each time he dropped a pass he didn’t finish running to the end zone – rather sulking – and had the look of a child who didn’t get his way. Rolled his eyes when overthrown and then when he finally caught the ball, he didn’t finish the route again and celebrated the catch. It’s a job interview Tommy, act like you’ve been there before or get out of the building. On top of this, his route-running was horrid. Slow cuts and that was while he rounded everything off. There is another player in the country that could have made more of his opportunity for themselves. The thing that amazed me most about this is that Bucky Brooks was gushing about Streeter after the Combine. I’d like to say I’m surprised.

Kendall Wright, WR Baylor – Wright only ran a 4.61 in the 40 which shocked the heck out of me. I will say that he did look big to me though. He weighed in at 196 pounds which is only six over his listed weight, but I was just surprised how much bulk he had on him. He had a good Combine for the most part other than the dash. While not all of his routes were crisp, he turned on the juice and outran some deep balls, being forced to come back to the quarterback. Kendall showed nice hands and concentration as well. Wright has to go back to Baylor and run a better time now. If he can run in the 4.4 range back home, all is forgiven. The same thing happened with Joe Haden and he still went Top 10. When I watch Kendall Wright on tape I see elite game speed.

Kashif Moore, WR Connecticut – Shif is undersized, but he had one heck of a Combine. While only coming in at 5-foot-10, 180 pounds he ran a 4.42, a 4.05 short shuttle and boasted the top vertical leap at 43.5 inches. He displayed his quick feet in drills and showed very good hands and the ability to adjust to the ball. Moore has always been a talented route-runner for the Huskies and has had outstanding speed since I scouted him in high school, but he’s never had a legitimate QB in Storrs. He needs to actually get vertical in the NFL to have a chance as that’s his bread and butter. Getting off of jams is also going to be a challenge. Still, today proved the tools are there. I can also attest this is a young man with excellent intangibles.

Junior Hemingway, WR Michigan – Having watched Michigan as much as I have I always thought of Hemingway as an effort guy with little athleticism that just made some big plays. In other words, he was an afterthought for me. He pretty much blew it up today in the short shuttle (3.96), three-cone and long shuttle. He also ran a 4.53 40-yard dash which I wasn’t expecting. This all came at 225 pounds. Impressive. Very solid job in the gauntlet and then worked the drills well. Great job adjusting to some balls. Not a guy that will make a splash in the draft, but he just secured himself a spot.

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  1. Anders says:

    I would love the Eagles to draft Hill in the 2nd round. He would have the time to develop and if he knows how to use that size could be a good RZ target.

  2. Smokey Stoever says:

    Hey Tommy
    Please do a more in-depth report on WR Chris Givins
    I think this is the WR I want the Texans to pick in the second round…..

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