Ouch!! From Indy Day One…

Tommy put up a detailed article, but I just got done watching Day 1 (I’m on baby time) and wanted to put up some guys that hurt themselves in my eyes.

Riley Reiff, OT Iowa – Watching him in the shadow drill was painful and then the one thing I want to see out of him is a good slide and watch him open those hips as a left tackle. He didn’t do either well. Riley also looked like he’s been hitting the local Mickey D’s for dinner. It wasn’t all bad for the Hawkeye, but now I’m thinking an elite RT prospect.

Brandon Washington, OT Miami – I’m not sure why he came out early, but unless it is because his family is in financial jeopardy, it was a terrible decision. He was jumping backward in his kick-slide and couldn’t run straight during the 40-yard dash. Not sure what to say for him.

Justin Anderson, OG Georgia – If he was trying to sell himself as a new type of field turf, he was exemplary.

Mike Brewster, C Ohio State
– I shouldn’t say he hurt himself as I’ve never been a fan, but he further confirmed what I’ve thought of him – he’s a non-athlete that gets by because he either cuts you to death or holds you. Awful in the mirror drills. In fact, any time he was asked to show athleticism it was hard to watch.

Rishaw Johnson, OG Cal (PA)
– I should be fair and say he was merely disappointing because I’m from Philly and this is a state school kid everyone is pulling for and looking out for. Pay attention to the instructions man! You’ve been kicked out of another school twice already. Very good broad jump and a nice shuttle. Looked athletic, but then didn’t look like a football player in drills. Disappointing.

To end on a positive note…

David DeCastro and Matt Kalil looked like absolute beasts today.

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  1. Arby says:

    “new type of field turf” – thanks for the good laugh this morning!

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