Combine Notes – OL/TE

Let’s start with the OL.


Matt Kalil – Looked like a Top 10 pick.  Big, strong, athletic.  Performed well in the athletic tests (good 40) and the positional drills.  Great job in the combo block drill.  Good pop.  Looked like a franchise OT.

Cordy Glenn – Ran well.  Did well in the 1-on-1 drills.  Footwork got exposed in a movement drill.  Still, effective in the kick-slide drill.  He was more of a waist-bender than you’d like.  Had a poor VJ, but that’s not a huge deal for a 345-pound blocker.  More athletic than anyone would have guessed.

Tom Compton – Small school blocker showed himself to be a good athlete. Did well in the drills.  Not necessarily smooth or fluid, but moves well for a big guy.  Looked comfortable sliding laterally.  Good in the pulling drill.  Efficient movement.  No wasted motion.  Looked natural in the kick-slide drill.  Stayed under control.  More tape study needed.

David DeCastro – Natural.  Moved well. Looked very good in the combo block drill.  Popped the pad and got low and drove up.  Awesome in the mirror drill.  Looked smooth, natural as he moved back and forth with ease.  Not a special athlete, but one hell of a football player.

Phillip Blake – Surprisingly athletic.  Moved well in the wave drill.  Doesn’t have great feet, but looked better than expected.  Looked good in the pulling drill.  Moved well laterally in the mirror drill.  Really good day.

Bobby Massie – Teams got their first look at the Ole Miss Junior up close and he was impressive.  Showed good combination of size, athleticism, and football skills.

Amini Silatolu – Division 2 player had a good overall showing.  Looked very good when moving laterally.  Only so-so in the kick slide.  I was kinda disappointed in the combo block drill.  Didn’t put the guy with the pad on the ground.  If you’ve seen his highlights, Silatolu did that kind of stuff on a regular basis this year.  Heck, based on the tape you’d expect him to grab the pad and start beating the other player with it.  Mean streak didn’t show at the Combine, which is probably a good thing.

Mixed Bag

Mike Adams – Pretty good day.  At his best in the mirror drill.  Good feet, technique.  Was only average in the athletic tests.  Ran okay.  Did post a troublesome number of BP reps with just 19.  Too low for a player of his size and caliber.  Strong, physical player on the field so it is odd that he wouldn’t lift well.

Riley Reiff – Disappointing.  Did not look like a top shelf OT.  Had a belly, which I didn’t expect from a LT who is 6’6, 313.  Moved well laterally.  Looked smooth and natural.  Struggled with the kick slide.  Opened up way too quickly.  Was also too upright at times.

Adam Gettis – Ran well and was good in the athletic tests.  Looked awkward in the wave drill.  Wasn’t good at moving laterally.  Came out of his stance high and awkwardly in the pulling drill.

James Brown – Stumbled in the pulling drill as he started back from the line.  Solid job in the mirror drill.  I expected him to look more athletic.

Nate Potter – I was hoping to see him really shine in a setting like the Combine.  Solid day, but never looked special.  Has an athletic build, but isn’t special athletically.  Did pretty well in the positional drills, but never looked great at anything.

Jeff Allen -Not special athletically, but showed his talent in the football drills.  Good pop in the cross block drill.  Looked natural in the mirror drill.  Didn’t do anything to hurt himself.  Just could have helped his cause if he’d looked a bit more athletic.

Tony Bergstrom – Hurt when he measured in with just 32-inch arms.  That will make him OG material to most teams.  Looked more mechanical than natural in the movement drills. Good in the pulling drill.  Ran well, good hips.  Moved well in the combo block drill, but lacked pop.

Michael Brewster – Disappointing.  One of the best C prospects in the draft, but didn’t look like it.  Really struggled in the wave drill.  Wasn’t following directions well and wasn’t moving well either. Looked awkward in the combo block drill.

Donald Stephenson – Measured in with good size and then ran very well in the 40, but was up and down in the positional drills.

Lamar Holmes – Did pretty well in the wave drill.  Doesn’t have great body control, but moved well laterally.  Got too upright at times. Better football player than athlete, but showed enough to keep people interested.

Ben Jones – Failed to stand out, good or bad.  Struggled with lateral movement.  Too upright.  Not ideal COD. Still, he went full speed on every rep and moved well when he was pulling and on the run.

Kelvin Beachum – Stiff hips. Too upright in the combo block drill.  Good in the mirror drill.  Measured in at only 6’2 so he’ll be moving to the inside.

Andrew Datko – Missed most of the year due to injury.  Might have been a bit rusty due to that.  Ran well in the pulling drill. Looked okay in the kick-slide drill, but sure wasn’t a guy that looked like a natural pass blocker.  Never caught my eye as a good athlete or pass blocker.

Mitchell Schwartz – One of those guys who is much better when hitting that showing off his athletic skills.  Didn’t shine in the movement drills.  Good in the combo block drill.  Showed good pop and stuck with the block.


Rishaw Johnson – Rough day.  Struggled to follow directions a few times.  In the drills he was way too upright and out of control.  Did look good in the pulling drill.  Good effort and showed some athletic ability overall, but hurt himself with a showing like this.

Justin Anderson – On the ground way too much.  Too upright and has poor balance.  Stiff.

John Cullen – Short arms.  Too upright.  Hops.  Not a good athlete.

Marcel Jones – Slow.  Weak.  Struggled in the positional drills.

Andrew Tiller – Way too stiff, upright.  Didn’t look athletic at all.

* * * * *

TE (since there were only a handful, I’ll just cover them as a group)

Dwayne Allen – Ran a much slower time than expected.  Was up in the 4.8 range.  Based on his game tape you’d expect him to be much faster.  Solid day as a pass catcher. Didn’t do anything to help his cause, but was okay.

Orson Charles – Measured in at 251 pounds, which was good, but only at 6’2 1/2.  Odd build.  Thicker than I remembered from the season.  Really big calf muscles.  Didn’t run his 40.  Did have a pretty good day catching the ball in the drills. Turned the wrong way after final catch in the gauntlet.  Weird.

Drake Dunsmore – Good day, except for size.  Only 6’2, 241.  Ran well.  Caught the ball well.  Now teams have to embrace him as an H-back.

Michael Egnew – I liked him at the Senior Bowl and thought Egnew as good again today.  Ran very well in the 40.  Caught the ball well in the drills.  Excellent size at 6’5, 252.  Still no clue if he can adjust to being an in-line TE.

Ladarius Green – Really does look like a giant WR more than a TE.  Only added a pound or two since the Senior Bowl.  Up to 6’6, 238.

James Hanna – Ran a fantastic 40 and surprised some people with his time.  Struggled with catching the ball early on in drills, but then seemed to relax and started to show off some good hands.  Good job in the gauntlet drill.  Moved his feet well in a blocking drill.  Helped himself.

Deangelo Peterson – Good athlete who flashed at times, but the guy has bad hands.  Struggled with catching the ball in Mobile and Indy.  Can you make him a LB or FB?  Has NFL size, athleticism, but isn’t a natural pass catcher.

Evan Rodriguez – Good day.  Ran well.  Looked natural catching the ball.  Good hands.  Good body control.  Only 6’1 1/2 so you have to figure out a way to use him.  Needs to be H-back type for some teams.

David Paulson – Lacks ideal size at 6’3, 246.  Made good early catch downfield when he adjusted to the ball.

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6 Responses to Combine Notes – OL/TE

  1. First Team says:

    Thought you’d comment on Kevin Zeitler. Did very well in athletic tests and at least on par with DeCastro. NFLNet didn’t show much of him in the field drills but it seems like the those two have separated themselves from the field

  2. Tommy Lawlor says:

    Zeitler is the #2 or #3 OG, depending on if you have Cordy Glenn as a G. Like Zeitler a lot. He did what I expected. Nothing really noteworthy, but he’s not an athlete so I didn’t expect him to look great in shorts.

  3. tball says:

    Insane coverage Tommy. Many, many thanks.

  4. Joe says:

    Cordy Glenn- “more athletic than anyone would have guessed.”
    Excuse me, but I told you so!

  5. Joe says:

    lol Im just playin, but I was pumped to see him do that!

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