Under the Radar – WR Jordan White

by Dan Klausner

Jordan White
Western Michigan
6’0, 215  (est.)

2011: 140 receptions, 1911 yards, 13.7 YPC, 61 long, 17 TD
2010: 94 REC, 1378 YDS, 14.7 YPC, 74 LNG, 10 TD
2009: 53 REC, 684 YDS, 12.9 YPC, 54 LNG, 4 TD
2008: out due to torn ACL
2007: 19 REC, 217 YDS, 11.4 YPC, 50 LNG, 1 TD
2006: out due to torn ACL
Father, James White, played DE in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns … DOB: 6/4/88

Actually first wrote about him before last year’s Combine, when I mistakenly thought he had entered the draft. It’s amazing to me how underrated and undervalued Jordan White still is, especially in light of the ridiculous senior season he just had — 140 catches (led the nation), 1,911 yards, and 17 touchdowns! Not a bad way to improve upon the 94-catch, 1,378-yard, 10-touchdown campaign he had in 2010.

You probably saw him in a number of SportsCenter highlights this past season — that tends to happen when a player goes for at least 12 catches in a preposterous 8 of 13 games. That includes a 16-catch, 238-yard, 3-touchdown performance against Toledo in a 66-63 loss (a game in which another of my favorite wide receiver prospects, Eric Page, went for 9 catches, 168 yards, and 5 — yes, 5 — touchdowns) and a 13-catch, 265-yard, 1-touchdown performance against Purdue in the Little Caesars Bowl. He also went for 12 catches and 119 yards in an opening week loss to Michigan.

Missed two full seasons (2006 and 2008) in college because of ACL tears in his left AND right knee, so his health is obviously a valid concern. White is one of the rare players who got a 6th year of eligibility. However, healthy the past three seasons, White was the most productive wide receiver in all of college football — remarkably dominant, really. His numbers were just cartoonish, and when I watch him play, I see NFL ability.    


– White has a thick, strong build at 6’0″ and 215 pounds and is as tough as they come at the wide receiver position.
– Out of all the wide receiver prospects I’ve watched, he might just be the best at catching the ball through contact. So many times White would get smoked while making a catch, hold on to the ball, pop up immediately, and go right back over the middle on the next play. Dude’s fearless.
– Displays excellent concentration; a dependable target with soft hands who ALWAYS catches/plucks the ball away from his body.
– Excellent athlete with superb body control who’s made his fair share of circus catches.
– While not a burner (I’m guessing he runs in the 4.5 range), he possesses a certain explosiveness and gets up to top speed quickly.
– Has shown a knack for turning short receptions into long gains, which is something he did plenty with screen passes, and is very dangerous after the catch (breaks tackles, stiff-arms defenders, and is surprisingly elusive in the open field).
– Attacks the ball at its highest point and will fight to make the catch.
– Has a gift for finding the soft spot in the defense. Just knows how to get open.


– Might not have the initial quickness off the line or out of his breaks to separate from NFL cornerbacks
– Blocking: Inconsistent and didn’t seem too engaged, but rarely was he ever asked to block anyway. I don’t see this as a skill deficiency, just an aspect of his game that needs some practice/work (I have no doubt he’ll put in the necessary effort).
– Sometimes he’d break routes off too early or get lazy and sag if he thought the ball wasn’t coming his way. I think that’s a weakness that can be remedied with coaching, though. I don’t get the sense that White is a lazy player or a diva or isn’t willing to work hard. After all, you don’t come back from two serious knee injuries like he did without being dedicated and gaining a certain appreciation for the opportunity to play the sport you love.

Overall, I think Jordan White could immediately step in as a slot receiver in the NFL and even develop into a #2. I currently have him pegged as a 5th round value. Do understand that his grade will be greatly affected by medical exams at the Combine. With a clean bill of health, he could go even earlier. If there are red flags, he won’t be on all 32 draft boards. Medical concerns aside, the guy can flat out play.

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Dan is an avid draftnik and regular contributor to SB Nation Philly, as well as running his own blog.

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