Senior Bowl – Day 3 South

Finally done.


Malik Jackson — The Tennessee star was a late add to the game. Played both DE and DT. Had some success at both spots. Really got the best of Matt McCants a couple of times. That’d be great, but McCants was struggling with everyone. Also beat Will Blackwell a couple of times in a DT/G matchup. That was more impressive since Will did some good things in Mobile. Jackson seems more comfortable at DE, but I think most teams will have interest in him on the inside.

Melvin Ingram — I’ve talked about his terrific athletic ability, but you also have to appreciate his power. Used a bull rush on Cordy Glenn and moved him back a couple of steps. Beat Zebrie Sanders with an inside move and then beat McCants off the edge. Ingram had a great trio of practices. Really impressive guy. Shined at DE and 3-4 OLB, where some teams might covet him.

Jake Bequette — Still worked out with the LBs, but I’m listing him as a DL since that’s where I think his future is. Good effort in coverage, but still raw and awkward. Ate up RBs in the pass rush drill. You could see Jake’s pass rushing skills there. Very good swim move.

Kheeston Randall — Watch the individual movement drills and you see an athletic DT that is pretty impressive. Then watch him go against blockers and he’s less impressive. Never noticed him in 9-on-7 stuff or team drills. Talented player, but also frustrating.

Quinton Coples — Once again had his best success with inside moves. That just bugs me. Really looks the part, but I don’t see a guy who is a force off the edge. Tons of talent. Huge potential. Maybe he’ll turn it on in the game.

Brandon Thompson — Solid day. Beat Phillip Blake with a hard inside move. Had a TFL on run play in team session. Able to win with quickness or strength.


Nigel Bradham — Hands like a clock. Literally dropped every ball thrown to him in drills. Doesn’t have great feet. Runs well and has some agility, but I wish he had better feet as an athletic LB.

Keenan Robinson — Very good job in the pass rush drill. Used a swim move very effectively for several rushes. Really battled TEs at the point of attack in team run plays that came to his side. Chased down one run from behind and made the stop. Got sealed on one run that came to his side. Had a good tackle of RB in team session.

Courtney Upshaw — Odd day. In the 1-on-1’s he was coming off the ball slow and just engaging the OL and moving him back a bit. Almost looked lazy. First rep in a team drill and he flew off the edge for a sack. Was he just bored? Dude can play. Very powerful.

Zach Brown — Great hands. Had a couple of drops on the day, but the way he catches the ball is just impressive. Looks like a WR or gifted TE. Natural pass catcher. Had a solid day against the run. Highlight was when he shot a gap and got TFL of RB.

Sean Spence — Good run defender. Made one standout tackle in 9-on-7 drill. Got better at catching the ball as the week rolled on. Still is nothing like Brown. One thing that will bug some LB coaches is that Sean is always moving forward at the snap. Those false steps weren’t a huge deal at Miami or in Mobile, but they can be in the NFL. You must sit tight, read things, and then attack. Drew Rosenhaus is his agent.


Antonio Allen — Probably the best Safety in Mobile. Looked very good in run support. Didn’t lay guys out (you’re not allowed to), but came up quickly and aggressively. Also had some good moments in coverage. Held his own vs Joe Adams on one play. Impressive.

Janoris Jenkins — Odd day. Had some real good plays. Showed really good cover skills. Got into a bad habit of trying to jump routes and that caused him to get burned. That can be coached out. Jenkins didn’t do it all week that I could tell and that wasn’t a problem in the past. Sorta weird. Has definitely impressed.

Dwight Bentley — Solid showing. Very good press corner. Loves to jam and be physical. Able to turn and run with receivers. Ball skills aren’t great, but has good coverage instincts.

Brandon Boykin — Another good day. So athletic. Able to run with anyone. Solid as PR. Note of interest, hung out with his family after practice. I think that’s a good thing. Only concern comes if his parents are meddlers that will bug coaches about playing time and how Brandon is treated. That isn’t a common problem in the NFL, but there are still a handful of crazy moms/dads even at that level.

Ryan Steed — Another good showing. Hasn’t looked small school at all. Had one good PBU on a throw to Criner. Good combination of cover skills and athleticism. Legit prospect.

Markelle Martin — Really want to see him in the game. Flashed a few times. Had good coverage on some underneath passes. Came up quickly vs the run in the team session.


Same as the last couple of days. Weeden looked good. Foles was up and down. Lindley was down. Really struggled with throwing the ball. Not good.


Lenon Creer — Impressive day. Ran hard. They weren’t full tackling, but he still hit the hole hard and busted through arm tackles. Good effort in pass pro drill. Had a couple of very good runs in the team session. Opened some eyes. Late add.

Vick Ballard — Pretty good. Showed some speed as a runner. Good build at 5’9, 217. Good effort in pass pro. Probably didn’t do tons of that at Miss State, but looks like he can be worked with. Still inconsistent as a receiver. Does have potential there.

Terrance Ganaway — Started off awful in pass pro drill. Coaches were livid. Got beaten inside and out. Got bull rushed. Human turnstile. Showed some improvement as the drill went on. That’s important. Shows mental toughness. Some guys check out when they struggle. Ganaway didn’t. Does need a ton of coaching.


Joe Adams — Doesn’t suck. I know I’ve written this before, but the thing I love most is that he’s a speedster that will cross the middle. He’ll catch the ball in traffic. He’ll go up for the ball. Small, but tough. And fast.

Patrick Edwards — Exceptionally quick. Excellent burst. Not sure about his long speed, but he was able to get separation from tight coverage by cutting and bursting. That is NFL stuff. Helped himself by showing that ability. Came up lame at some point and will miss the game.

Juron Criner — Runs good routes. Has very good hands. Looked good all 3 days. Went up over Menzie to make an impressive grab. I love Criner’s ability to locate the ball and adjust. Very good body control. Smart receiver.


Jeff Allen — Played G most of the day. Had a very strong day. Comes off the ball well on run plays where he’s supposed to get to the 2nd level. Good pass pro. Able to lock on and anchor. Ate up Randall and even Ingram in pass pro. Bends his knees and isn’t going backward.

Ben Jones — Played C and G. Got the best of Thompson and Randall in G/DT drills. Not flashy at all, but gets the job done.

Cordy Glenn — Wow. What a difference a couple of days makes. Played G and T. Had a very impressive day. Got the best of Courtney Upshaw a few times. Blocked Coples. Handled most of the guys he faced. Moved his feet better and was punching out with his long arms to keep guys away from his body. Not just a G prospect. Showed serious RT ability. I still wouldn’t trust him vs the Dwight Freeney’s of the world at LT.

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