Senior Bowl – Day 3 North

Sorry this is late.  Went right from the practice field to the airport and didn’t get home til midnight.  Today it is back to the real world, as well as writing.

I watched the LBs closely early on.  Several guys came out to work with Mike Singletary before practice even got started.

Lavonte David — He worked on shedding blocks.  The coaches were explaining to him how to use his hands and the importance of balance.  One assistant did a simple push ‘n pull move on him and sent David flying.  You could see the light bulb come on at that point.  When some assistant coach (not Mike) can do that and move you several yards, that must work.  Overall, David had a solid day.  Came up with a TFL in a team session where the ball came his way.  I still think he’s at his best chasing plays, but if he can learn to take on blockers and get by them, that will help him quite a bit.

James-Michael Johnson — Singletary called him “Reno”, as in Nevada-Reno, his college.  JMJ had a rough day.  He was too high in the bag drills and Singletary really got after him at one point.  He made him start a drill over and over and over.  JMJ’s first move was straight up, instead of moving laterally.  That’s a big no-no in the NFL.  Gotta stay down.  Singletary was being really hard on “Reno”, but was pushing him to get better.  JMJ did have a nice hit in a run drill.  He’s got some pop.  Struggled a bit in coverage.  Doesn’t have great hips and isn’t a top athlete.

Shane McClellin — Really does look the part of a LB.  Has some real pop when he hits.  Did pretty well in the bag drills.  Looks pretty good moving laterally.  Doesn’t look lost when playing off the ball.  Definitely a project for someone, but a very interesting guy.

Demario Davis — Late add to the Senior Bowl has helped himself.  Got 1-on-1 time with Singletary and the two of them seemed to hit it off.  You love it when players want to learn and show coachability.  Davis then went into the tackling drills.  On the first rep he hit Lavonte David and David’s head snapped back.  Was just a half-speed drill, but Davis made sure to hit and not hesitate or “catch” the ball carrier.  Davis had a good tackle of RB in 9-on-7.  He read a screen pass in the team session and blew up that play.  Played MLB down there and did well.


Billy Winn — Played both DE and DT.  Never really stood out to me.  Wasn’t beating G/C’s or OTs.  Might be someone that 3-4 teams like because of his frame.

Vinny Curry — Very good day.  Had success as an edge rusher.  Explosive when he times his get-off just right.  Moved inside to DT for some reps and absolutely killed the G’s he went up against.  They had no answer for his quickness.  Uses his hands well to shed blocks in some drills.  Disruptive player who has looked good so far.

Derek Wolfe — DT at Cincy, but got a lot of snaps at LDE in practice.  Good size at 6’5, 286.  Quick off the ball and has a good motor.  Will fight to beat blockers.  Looked a bit lost at DE since he lacks experience there.  Basically just used a rip move and tried to go wide.  That made it easier for blockers to handle him.  Played a bootleg perfect in the team session and would have had an easy sack if it were live.  Got some snaps at DT.  Looked more natural in there.

Mike Martin — Played NT and UT.  Stout enough to eat up blocks at NT.  Athletic enough to get some penetration from UT.  He’s only 6’1, but that helps him to play with excellent leverage.  Beat Rishaw Johnson, a late add, a time or two in drills.  Didn’t have as much luck with Brewster.

Kendall Reyes — I’m not his biggest fan, but is having a solid week.  Was effective with a bull rush in drills.  Beat Johnnie Troutman with quickness.  Blew up a run play in the team session.  He’s being disruptive.

Alameda Ta’Amu —  I wrote in Tuesday’s notes that he was struggling because everything was a power rush.  Obviously someone else saw that.  Ta’Amu worked the the coaches before practice on some moves.  He used a rip move.  He even used a spin move.  They do need work, but he was able to catch blockers off balance by not doing the same thing over and over.  Got penetration and blew up one run play.

Cam Johnson — Very good day.  Beat Kelemete in one drill.  Beat Mike Adams by using and up and under move.  Later beat Adams to the outside in a team session.  Looked like a natural pass rusher and disruptive player.

Jack Crawford — Failed to impress.  Nice frame.  Lacks burst off the ball.  Not a very creative rusher.  Has potential for teams who want a LDE to develop, but just hasn’t stood out.


Jeff Allen — Might be the best OG at the Senior Bowl.  Played some OT as well, but really stoned guy at G.  Bends his knees and anchors well.  Tough.  Any team wondering if he’s athletic enough for OT can feel good knowing he could slide inside and play if needed.

Kelechi Osemele — I can’t stress enough how impressive he is physically.  Huge dude, but carries it very well.  Has played LT, RT, and G.  Looked good in all 3 spots.  Not an ideal pass blocker, but has better feet than you’d expect.  Was able to handle a guy like Vinny Curry in drills.  Absolutely ate up Jack Crawford.

Mike Adams — Down day.  Great job for 2 days, then turned human.  Cam Johnson got the best of him.  Maybe this is the concern with Mike…consistency.  Had his share of good plays, but simply wasn’t dominant like in the previous couple of practices.

Mike Brewster — Easily the best C in Mobile.  Locked onto DT in one drill and just turned him.  Good hands, leverage, strength.  Anchors well in pass pro.  Has good feet.  Stuffed Mike Martin a couple of times.

Tony Bergstrom — Good day.  Played G and T.  Pulls effectively at G.  Able to handle Mike Martin as G and T.  Handled Wolfe as an OT.  Good run and pass blocker.  Really interesting guy.


Isaiah Pead — Looked good as a PR.  Flashed his speed a couple of times on offense.  Highlight was a play where he just smoked Lavonte David while running a pass route.  Great feet, very elusive.

Both Chris Polk and Boom Herron had some good runs in 9 on 7s and team drills, but nothing that really stood out.


Gerrell Robinson — Solid day.  Made a terrific hands-catch near the sideline.  Later made a nice catch on a comeback route.

Marvin Jones — Very good.  Looks so natural.  Just plucks the ball with his hands.  Runs good routes and has shown surprising athleticism.


Russell Wilson — Saw him get interviewed up close and he should stop with the football and go straight to being a CEO or politician.  Character is through the roof.  This is the guy you trust with millions of dollars and the future of your organization.  Unfortunately, doesn’t play to that same standard.  Once again was a little slow with his reads.  That’s something that can be coached, but is a valid criticism.  Did make one throw that some scouts near me seemed to particularly like.  Unfortunately I was watching LBs at the time so I can’t tell you what it was.  Generally a good sign when scouts were impressed.

Kellen Moore — Solid day.  Quick reads.  Accurate passes.  Some good throws.  Had a chance to hit his FB down the sideline for a big play, but was off target.  Normally not a big deal, but that is exactly the kind of throw Moore has to nail.  He can’t create big plays with 40 yard bombs.  When a play-action pass works perfectly, Moore has to hit the guy for the big gain.  Still can’t get over how young he looks.  Brandon Weeden could be his dad.

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